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The ACE Weight Management Specialist Program will best prepare you to connect with those in need, building strong relationships based on trust so you can effectively train, motivate and support your clients through unique and personal journeys.

Advance your career
with confidence

Expand your expertise and become an expert in this high-demand area, guiding your clients to fight their critical health issues.

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a special population

Two in three adults are affected by overweight or obesity.* Gain an understanding of the underlying causes and influences of obesity and learn how to lead and encourage those affected.

Stand out from
the competition

Get the attention of potential employers and attract a considerable client niche in critical need of losing weight, and maintaining optimal health.

Designed for professionals like you, seeking to make a greater impact.

The ACE Weight Management Specialist Program is designed for certified exercise professionals and health coaches, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, medical assistants, community leaders and members of the allied health team.

As an ACE Specialist, you will be recognized as a knowledgeable expert, equipped to deliver specialized skills that address your clients' conditions, creating long-term solutions for healthy weight management. You will put yourself in high-demand of potential employers and increase your earnings by up to 20%**.

"As an ACE Weight Management Specialist, I am the go-to resource for my clients who want to make a life change and are done with the ‘quick fix' mentality. I find that the added credibility of ACE gives my clients the peace of mind that I know how to help them lose and maintain weight in a healthy way without yo-yo dieting."

- Niki C., ACE Weight Management Specialist,
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Health Coach

Special skills require a special program.

Learn a client-centered approach to a complex issue, and gain an understanding of the physical, mental and emotional factors that affect a person's ability to lose or maintain weight loss. With the ACE Weight Management Specialist Program, you will learn:

  • The science behind obesity
    Gain an understanding of the physiological impact that a high body mass index can have on the body's systems.

  • Recognizing weight bias
    Discover why using "people first" language is especially important when working with clients affected by obesity.

  • Communicating with empathy
    Learn the BRIDGE method to help facilitate a collaborative, empowering client-trainer relationship.

  • Behavior change coaching skills
    Develop key strategies and hands-on, practical skills necessary to lead diverse clients and patients to sustainable, healthy change.

  • Application of nutritional guidelines
    Learn meaningful behavior change techniques to help you support your clients in healthier food choices and how to immediately implement them into your practice.

  • Creating positive exercise experiences
    Learn how to connect with and understand your clients to build an exercise experience they will look forward to, especially considering possible past negative associations with physical activity.

  • Strategies to prevent the onset of pediatric obesity
    Learn how to inspire healthy behaviors early on, leading to healthier lives in adulthood.

  • Collaborating with medical professionals
    Learn how to work with various medical and allied health sub-specialties to most effectively guide clients to sustainable weight management.

  • Preparing clients for bariatric surgery
    Learn how to provide necessary support before their procedure and how to create life-long lasting behavior change after surgery, while they are navigating a myriad of unique post-surgical side effects.

Included Learning Materials:

Online Quizzes

How do I become an ACE Weight Management Specialist?

To become an ACE Weight Management Specialist, you will complete each of the 9 modules, as well as pass an online quiz with a score of 70% or higher.

Anyone may pursue the Weight Management Specialist Program; there are no pre-requisites. Upon completion, you will be recognized as an ACE Specialist and a corresponding certificate will be available in your My ACE Account. ACE Specialist credentials do not need to be renewed, nor do they expire.

Approved Providers

The ACE Weight Management Specialist Program is approved for 2.5 CECs by ACE and the following continuing education hours by the organizations listed below:

25.0 CECs

ACSM CEC Approval

The American College of Sports Medicine's Professional Education Committee certifies that "American Council on Exercise" meets the criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status from (2021 - December 2023). Providership # 687637

6.0 CECs

There are no conflicts of interest for any individual in a position to control the content of this educational activity.


excellent course!!!

Excellent program! I'm currently on my own personal health and wellness journey, and have lost 116lbs in the last three years and have a goal to lose another 40lbs. As not only a Personal Trainer, and someone who has lived life as a morbidly obese person, I find so much value in a course like this, that for someone in a similar role to mine, if they do not have the lived experience you can gain so much more knowledge to have empathy and be able to work with clients who are trying to make such transformational life changes.

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**A February 2016 study of 2,000 health and fitness professionals revealed a 20% salary increase for part-time professionals who have completed an ACE Specialist Program.