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Aging Gracefully: The Relationship Between Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 0.2 CECs , ACSM 2.00 CECs Included in Course:Online Content Online Quiz $44.97 Add To Cart

Aging Gracefully: The Relationship Between Balance Training and Fall Prevention

0.2 Customer Reviews
  • 22 Reviews
  • Age-related muscular weakness, inflexibility, and motor control impairment all contribute to falling as we age. Research has demonstrated that a high level of physical fitness provides an effective strategy to prevent falling. This course provides fitness professionals with information that will enable them to design the safest and most effective exercise programs for their aging clients. The prevalence and prevention of falls in the aging population also will be discussed.

    Course Objectives

    • Discuss the rate and prevalence of fall-related injuries reported in the United States.
    • Define balance and discuss the postural strategies humans use to maintain static and dynamic postural control.
    • List the balance-related sensory systems and describe how they each contribute to stabilization and postural control.
    • Define human locomotion and discuss the age-related changes associated with gait commonly observed in older adults.
    • Identify major factors that contribute to falls in older adults.
    • Discuss the benefits of exercise as they relate to fall prevention and postural control.
    • List strategies used in a comprehensive fall-prevention program.

    Course contents include:  

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    Customer Reviews

    Debbie (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/31/14 6:51 PM

    This course is not very practical. It uses big words but does not teach you anything practical.

    Sam (ACE Certified Professional)

    12/29/13 3:25 PM

    This course, while addressing a very important topic, was presented extremely poorly. The material was very difficult to read, one reason being that you could not change the miniscule font size. In addition, there were several errors in the body of the text. E.g. In the section on Age-associated Changes in Gait, the text read"...they cross the obstacle so that it is 10% farther in front of them..." It should read "...10% closer..." Also the questions at the end were written poorly, and thus were ambiguous. This important subject deserves much better presentation, and attention to detail.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for your feedback on this very important course. An ACE representative will contact you shortly to help you with any of your specific questions. We look forward to assisting you with your concerns.


    8/27/13 2:57 PM

    Good background information, statistics, and reasoning behind why balance training is important in older adults.. Perhaps consider including more visual cues and resources (especially during the section on specific training suggestions) and breaking the text up more with bulleted lists, etc.

    Shawn (ACE Certified Professional)

    7/20/13 5:33 PM

    Good info for those that work with this population. Thought the appendices offered good info to about assessment. I'll be able to make some changes to my class.

    Kellie (ACE Certified Professional)

    2/26/13 1:13 PM

    Not a lot of usable information.

    Nancy (ACE Certified Professional)

    9/7/11 6:16 AM

    great information, for your aging clients,

    Katherine (ACE Certified Professional)

    8/3/11 2:49 PM

    I thought this was a very thorough course.

    Melissa (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/21/11 12:28 PM

    I did enjoy the course. There is no opportunity for the professional to print this course for future reference. This limits the beneft of the course material. And I had a hard time reading the course and did not have the option to print and read. If possible please send me a link for printable version or send to me. Thanks in advance.

    Wendy (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/29/11 1:58 PM

    I work in a continuing care retirement community and this course was excellent. We recently had a big push for fall prevention awareness and this course was right on target with what our healthcare staff put into action.


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.