Provider: Healthy Behavior Institute
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 1.9 CECs

Help Clients Achieve Lasting Success Beyond a Training Program

Behavior change is critical for successful, long-term weight management, and Behavior Coaching for Weight Loss provides an insightful, whole-person approach to helping clients reach their unique fitness goals while also helping you generate more revenue.

In this course, you will deep dive into behavior change, what holds people back, how to establish habits, and how to use these skills as an extra value service that can be delivered virtually or in-person. You’ll learn a system to maximize your sessions and get better results by providing clients one-on-one attention on what they are doing outside the gym in a way that promotes learning and acceptance.

Developed by the creators of The Healthy Behavior Institute—Scott Schutte, personal trainer and gym owner; Janine Stichter, Ph.D., behaviorist and educator; and Nate Kesterson, personal trainer and gym owner—this course will equip you with a clear system for executing the key elements of lasting behavior change with your clients. Plus, you’ll walk away with an additional service you can provide to better impact your clients and have the rewarding career you’ve been working for.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Coach your clients beyond their workout to achieve next level results
  • Identify what’s holding your clients back and guide them to change
  • Use a proven system to immediately implement a new client service and increase your income opportunities


This material is SUPERB. It's long, probably has too much material honestly, but the content is top-notch. Will benefit any coach, and is a MUST for anyone who does nutrition coaching!

The content was good, but the quizzes were poorly worded and many questions seemed to have an incorrect answer key which made correct answers be marked as incorrect.

As an experienced dietitian in the field of weight loss I was pleasantly surprised to learn a new approach to help my clients who struggle as overeaters. I highly recommend taking this course for any professional in the health care field.