This interactive course provides health coaches the valuable opportunity to apply their skills in live coaching sessions and receive one-on-one, real-time feedback from an ACE Master Coach. You'll gain experience and build your confidence and competency as you apply personalized feedback from one session to the next. As you complete your coaching sessions, you'll learn more about your coaching style, coaching strengths and areas for improvement.

Find your path to success

Find your path to success

The more practice, reflection and feedback you get, the better the coaching experience you will provide to your clients. In each session, an ACE Master Coach will evaluate your technique, help you hone critical areas of improvement and encourage you to develop your unique coaching style. This will lead to a more authentic experience and ultimately improve your client success and retention.

Grow with each session

Grow with each session

To prepare for each of your coaching sessions with an ACE Master Coach, you will seek out a client and record a 20-minute coaching session via video conferencing. Then, you will schedule a review session with an ACE Master Coach to receive real-time feedback on the recording via video conferencing. You will receive no less than 60 minutes of valuable feedback on your practical skills and coaching presence, which you can immediately apply to your client in the next session. At the end of the third session, you will receive a written assessment and a "Pass/Fail" score, ensuring you have met the National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach requirements.

Become a better coach

Become a better coach

  • Apply the health coaching skills you've learned from your previous studies and training

  • Recognize and implement effective verbal and nonverbal communication

  • Apply behavior change coaching theories to improve client outcomes

  • Leverage your coaching strengths and identify areas of improvement

How do I complete this course?

You must submit three recorded videos of you coaching a client, attend three review sessions with an ACE Master Coach and receive a passing score on the final assessment. By completing this course and its associated prerequisites, you will meet the requirements of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching education pathway.

Approved for the following continuing education hours:

  • 0.3 CECs by American Council on Exercise

Component course of the
ACE Health Coach Advanced Training Program

Meets all the requirements of the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching education pathway.

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