Provider: Healthy Learning
Type: Online Course
Online Content
CEC Credits: ACE 0.2 CECs

Using Federal Guidelines and Behavior Change Models for Effective Lifestyle Change

Based on a year-long case study, this insightful course brings the federal Physical Activity Guidelines and Dietary Guidelines for Americans as well as a number of behavior change models and theories to life.

Created in partnership with Healthy Learning, you will get a first-hand look into the struggles and successes of physical-activity and health-related lifestyle changes. Moreover, you’ll see the effectiveness of the federal guidelines when they’re properly implemented.

Based on the research series “ACE Health and Wellness Reports,” the behavior change strategies, practical tips and real-world examples covered in this detailed course can be used with nearly any client seeking weight loss or a more consistent exercise/nutrition plan. You’ll get the opportunity to examine a case study of someone who has lived through the ups and downs of long-term behavior changes. Thus, familiarizing you with the struggles your clients might face when pursuing a lifestyle change. Ultimately, you’ll be better able to apply both sets of federal guidelines and provide real-world guidance and motivation to clients struggling to improve their overall health and performance.

This course includes digital access to a 88-page online document (viewable only) and an online quiz.

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Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key elements of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
  • Provide clients with strategies for successfully implementing the two sets of guidelines as part of a comprehensive behavior change program
  • Explain the importance of gathering baseline data prior to a behavior change program and of performing periodic assessments to gauge progress
  • Use the NIH Body Weight Planner, MyPlate, Dietary Guidelines and Physical Activity Guidelines to teach clients about safe and effective lifestyle change


Pretty lengthy for just 0.2 CECs....