Provider: Of-CourseOnline
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.8 CECs

Enhance Your Understanding of Your Client’s Body in Motion

As an exercise professional who coaches movement, it’s vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics and anatomy of the human body. That means being knowledgeable about how individual muscles work within your clients’ body to create movement.

In this course, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of human anatomy so that you can better understand how each client’s body is its own unique puzzle and how each of the pieces fit together. You’ll embark on a journey of anatomical discovery, where you’ll be provided with the tools required to understand your clients’ bodies as they move. With a foundation in antagonists, compensations and modifications, you’ll be able to create exercise programs that are specific to your clients’ needs.

Led by Tanya Thompson, founder of Pilates Unlimited—the Art of Movement™, and who has also developed specialized movement and rehabilitation courses for health care professionals, you’ll unfold the amazing world of the human body in motion and take your expertise of biomechanics to a new level.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Analyze movement on an anatomical level, allowing you to better understand clients’ bodies as they move
  • Define the muscles, the movements they produce, their antagonists and compensations due to muscular restrictions
  • Understand how the musculoskeletal system responds to movement


Absolutely loved the trainers!! best of all of them!! Assessment was not optimal: questions on the quiz were topics mentioned once in video and not on the handout as far as I could tell--instead, please focus on useful info for the assessment and not the little details just as a "gotcha" to see that you can memorize what you hear once. This seems to be a pattern in your assessments and--if addressed--could improve the whole suite of offerings. Please seek help from an educational consultant who is knowledgable about both the subject matter and meaningful, "authentic" assessments. (I do this sort of work so I know there are people out there.)

I found the content really informative and very useful for my practice. The presenter did run through the content quickly and to my opinion, could of used more diaphragms.