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How to Safely Incorporate Boxing Workouts Into Your Program

The art and dance of boxing has long been kept to the sidelines in program design, but the science supporting its health benefits when incorporated into a fitness regimen is growing. In addition to improving overall strength, power, cardiorespiratory health and hand-eye coordination, there is also promising research that boxing can help people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease cope with their balance and coordination.*

In this course, you will enhance your overall understanding of biomechanics and the physiological benefits to incorporating a boxing workout into your class and client programs. You will learn how to integrate proper boxing techniques on a heavy bag with body weight athletic drills to create a safe and efficient workout that is easily adaptable to numerous settings, such as one-on-one training, interval classes, circuit training classes or a skill-based class for any demographic.

Led by Shane Barnard, JD, Founder of the Urbankick® Instructor Certification Program and Creator of UBOX and REBOOT educational courses, and Miwa Natsuki, MA, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Health Coach and Co-Founder of Urbankick®, you’ll be able to make the benefits of combining boxing drills, heavy bag boxing and functional strength exercises more accessible to your clients, classes and community.


Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Safely instruct boxing skills on a bag to a diverse demographic in numerous settings
  • Leverage biomechanics and the physiological benefits of boxing to safely and effectively incorporate a boxing workout into a program or class
  • Challenge clients to use their bodies differently to increase the strength, power, hand-eye coordination, and balance


Great course. I learned a lot. Quick and efficient.