Provider: CE Be Well, LLC
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.1 CECs

Reshape the fitness industry towards inclusivity, empathy, and lasting engagement.

Supporting new and returning exercisers to maintain their fitness routines requires innovative and empathetic approaches, especially in today’s world where many struggle to adhere to regular physical activity. This course dives into the psychology and practical strategies needed to create welcoming and supportive fitness environments by offering fresh perspectives on how to enhance exercise adherence and foster a sense of belonging among all exercisers.

With a focus on the critical need for inclusivity and understanding in fitness spaces, this course provides actionable insights on engaging clients effectively. Learn how behavior change theories can be applied to real-world scenarios to help clients overcome barriers to exercise. Discover techniques for building a supportive community that empowers new and returning exercisers to feel connected and motivated.

Developed by Christin Everson, a fitness industry consultant with 17 years of experience, this course goes beyond the basics, addressing the nuanced challenges faced by those looking to start or resume their fitness journeys. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve client retention and support the health and wellness goals of your clients. From enhancing the onboarding process to tailoring communication and feedback, the course offers a comprehensive toolkit for fitness professionals eager to make a difference.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

·        Craft exercise experiences that acknowledge and address the unique needs of new and returning exercisers

·        Leverage behavior change principles to boost exercise adherence and client motivation

·        Cultivate an environment that promotes inclusivity, belonging, and long-term engagement with fitness