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Unlock the Power of Combined Training

An estimated 160 million Americans struggle with weight loss, according to 160 million. That’s more than half of the population—and it’s causing a health crisis in America. Weight gain is a main driver of many of the inactivity-related diseases, like hypertension and diabetes, that affect Americans today. As a health and fitness professional you know that maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult for some, but can be a major motivator for clients continuing their exercise routine. To keep your clients motivated and reaching their goals, combined training can be used to aid in weight loss. In this video training, you’ll learn the science behind combined training, and learn how to create effective weight loss training programs for your clients.

Taught by Amy Ashmore, PhD—an online learning and program development expert who holds a doctorate in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin—you will learn how to effectively combine cardio exercises with weight training to help your clients maintain a healthy weight—regardless of age, metabolism or ability. You’ll discover how to program, execute and modify sessions using fun and engaging training methods—including explosive supersets, cardio-strength supersets and circuit methods. And you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to help your clients achieve their weight loss goals—and live healthier lives.

You will learn:

  • More about the latest research demonstrating that combined training is the most effective way to train for weight loss.
  • How to design and execute effective weight loss programming.
  • How to modify exercises in combined training sessions for a variety of client abilities and fitness levels.
  • How combined training promotes better health and more effective weight loss through a synergistic effect.

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ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine
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I found the speaker really hard to follow and not interesting at all. She spoke slowly which can be good but in this instance I found it to be boring and had a really hard time focusing. I lost interest fast.

Really enjoyed learning about programming and implementing into my workouts along with my clients.