Provider: Of-CourseOnline
Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.4 CECs

Develop Programs Promoting Cervical, Pelvic and Spinal Health to Help Relieve Pain

Do your clients experience pain in their hips, neck or spine? Help them improve their health and function in these areas with this course focused on kinetic chain training. Led by Tanya Thompson, founder and owner of Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™, you will delve into axial skeleton anatomy and musculoskeletal chain reactions. This course will focus on three areas of learning: safe cervical training for optimal neck health; hip, pelvic and spinal anatomy and their joint movements; and the musculoskeletal chain reactions that occur with a lateral pelvic tilt combined with an anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt. Furthermore, you will learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge to movement and create amazing programs that are client-specific and goal-driven.

You will learn:

  • An effective neck program that will encourage better alignment and functional strength within the neck
  • The anatomy of the pelvis, hip and spine in order to understand pelvic, hip and spinal stability
  • How to apply anatomical knowledge to exercises and movement
  • The chain reactions that occur with a lateral pelvic tilt combined with an anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt
  • How to create a program that is client-specific and will assist with injury prevention during training


Lovely instructors, easy to follow, and super engaging and interesting!

I agree that this course should be more than .4 CEC. A deeper understanding of anatomy and movement is gained as you are challenged to think on your feet while teaching your clients. I have taken other courses through of-courseonline and have found them value for money while inspiring me to become better at teaching my clients. Tanya's courses equip teachers, who can see compensations happening, with the knowledge and tools to correct poor movement patterns. The quizzes were harder than I expected as they do call on your overall understanding of exercise science and how well you have listened to the course itself.

I will be searching for more courses from these instructors as they explain everything excellently and in a way that makes sense. This content was very informative and should definitely be worth more cec's.