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Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching

Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise Type: Self-Paced / Home Study Approved By: ACE 0.4 CECs , ACSM 4.00 CECs Included in Course:Online Content Online Quiz $79.95 Add To Cart

Biomechanics of Assisted Stretching

0.4 Customer Reviews
  • 63 Reviews
  • Flexibility is an important component of a health and fitness program and can aid in muscle recovery and pain management, yet it is often overlooked by clients. In this course, you will learn to facilitate a stretching program for your clients by assisting them properly. Explore the three principles of force application that help you determine where to place your hands, what direction to push, and how much force to use when helping clients stretch. Stretch your clients safely and effectively using techniques for specific areas of the body.

    You will learn:

    • How the law of action-reaction relates to assisted stretching and how to apply it

    • To identify form errors that occur when principles of force application have been violated

    • How stretching can help alleviate chronic lower back pain and peripheral neuropathies

    Customer Reviews


    1/17/17 1:18 PM

    I found this course informative. Video instruction was clear, concise and helpful! I highly recommend it!

    Joyce (ACE Certified Professional)

    9/19/16 1:28 PM

    The material was helpful, but seemed to lack an important section to address Objective #10: Show health and fitness professionals how to alleviate chronic low back pain and peripheral neuropathies using the BAS Back Protocol. Perhaps, somehow I missed it? The quiz asked questions that were not addressed in the course. Some questions on the quiz were unnecessarily convoluted in phrasing.

    Tore Christian

    8/17/16 4:33 AM

    By knowing the biomechanics concerning the assisted stretching techniques, done by for example personal trainers, physiotherapists and sports coaches, gives the trainer a keen understanding how to use propper form when performing such training. By applying physics and biomechanics, the coach can know where, how much and what direction to apply force to increase flexibility and specific range of motion of the client or athlete. The BAS-program course offer a good theory about basic physics and how it is applied. Further the course demonstrate around 15+ different stretching techniques for different muscles to be targeted. For me to give the course 5 stars, it would need more in depth about the biomechanics. Also the course could be more advanced in terms of flexibility training, advanced physics and more techniques for assisted stretching.

    Cinnamon (ACE Certified Professional)

    9/15/15 5:14 AM

    I loved the information in this course and how it was laid out. The day I did the CEU I practiced assisted stretching on a client!


    2/16/15 5:46 PM

    All very good information, the location of hands on soft tissue was not something i generally thought about.

    Glenda (ACE Certified Professional)

    10/10/14 3:59 PM

    Very poor quality for the money. There was nothing here I didnt already know and the format - basically an online handout - was pretty sad. I guess I hoped I would learn some new tricks...I wouldnt recommend this; if the information was new to someone, it was sort of confusing - the quiz questions were poorly worded. I am not likely to purchase an online course from ACE again, based on this experience. But I still think ACE is great, overall.

    Leigh (ACE Certified Professional)

    8/27/14 2:39 PM

    The course is clear and concise- the pictures are easy to follow. I mostly teach dancers and do a lot of stretching with them- this course verified what I already do and helped me to understand where to apply force during assisted stretching. I have not taken other stretching courses so can't compare in that way. It could have used more info/review into what happens at the cellular level for muscles to lengthen. I would also have liked to review the stretch reflex- I think with assisted stretching it would be easy to overstretch someone and a discussion of what that looks/feels like would have been helpful.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for the helpful feedback!

    Sierra (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/28/14 2:53 PM

    This course had some usefully stretches and the text explaining the hand placement was easy to follow but it is unacceptable that there wasn't accompanying video to visually demonstrate the stretches as opposed to the grainy photos that were provided. This made the course seem outdated and compromised the usefulness of the text.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for the helpful feedback! We are looking at updating this course.

    Bridget (ACE Certified Professional)

    1/26/14 8:41 PM

    Something is wrong with the system. It wouldn't advance to the next question on the quiz unless I clicked to another page and then back again. So, the quiz took me almost 2.5hrs to complete.


    ACE RESPONSE: Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We have looked into it, and this quiz currently seems to be working correctly. If you have any other issues, please contact ACE at 1-800-825-3636.

    Odette (ACE Certified Professional)

    4/1/13 12:51 PM



    3/31/13 5:29 PM

    Poor wording on hand placement: same hand placement states above the ankle on one and below the ankle on the other... Wrong nomenclature: peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves of the peripheral system, ie, feet and legs. Nothing to do with the low back. Need to use a different work for the desription of what is causing the low back pain.


    9/29/12 5:06 PM

    I enjoyed the course, and I like how it was presented. Simplicity, works

    Barry (ACE Certified Professional)

    7/18/12 4:34 PM

    Really needs to be supported with a DVD.

    James (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/1/11 9:38 AM

    The pictures definitely help folks like me who are visual learners. Thanks Jim

    Misty Ann (ACE Certified Professional)

    5/31/11 2:31 PM

    This was a quick, and informative CEC. The PDF manual was easy to follow.


    5/27/11 11:06 AM

    Was quick and easy to read. Not overloaded with information just the essential basics which can be easily applied. PDF format is saved to your computer so can easily go back and review content for future reference

    Emmaliese (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/12/11 9:57 AM

    It was VERY repetitive, but all very basic general knowledge.


    1/11/11 12:48 PM

    Good material. Brought up some good points. Would Recommend. Took about 3 hours to complete.


    11/30/10 4:35 PM

    Great stretches and technique that the industry has failed to promote.


    10/27/10 8:01 AM

    Good concept.

    Debbie (ACE Certified Professional)

    10/14/10 3:41 PM

    Very well done. Easy to follow and provided good reminders when stretching.

    Diana (ACE Certified Professional)

    6/9/10 5:28 PM

    very repetitive and simplistic. I expected more from an ACE CEU course.

    I couldn't agree more with your opinion. I was very disapppointed with the content ! Overall this course does not teach more than a handful of stretches - and all of them are commonly used and  hardly new to most Professionals . 

    Julie (ACE Certified Professional)

    3/14/10 10:11 AM

    I was disappointed that this course is text based. I think a video would be much better to get proper technique as the majority of the population are visual learners. Good information in the 98 page download.

    James Andy

    12/9/09 3:51 PM

    Great material and very valuable information that many trainers neglect. My only critcism of the course is that I wish and highly recommend that a video demonstration be included in the course, even if it is small/short in duration. It is a lot of material covered and mechanical skills that are better learned and engrained within the student by visual acuity.Regardless, this course is well worth the $ and time.

    Licinio (ACE Certified Professional)

    11/25/09 9:21 AM

    This course is a vailable service tool for Personal Trainers...Also great foundation on Physiology and Biomechanics... Defenitly recomende ...


    The American Council on Exercise reserves the right to discontinue the sale and/or support of any continuing education course at any time, in order to cancel, correct, or update content based on current industry standards, guidelines, and/or technological advances. Notification will be given 6 months prior to expiration to allow for course completion and no refund will be given for expiring courses.