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Certified™: Back & Core Special Issue

Cover Story:

Core Training: Don’t Forget the Diaphragm

Kelsey Graham by Kelsey Graham

Core stability—and the muscles and methods to achieve it—are hot topics in the health and fitness industry. We program corrective exercises designed to facilitate the transverse abdominis or activate the spinal erectors, but pay little attention to the dome-shaped muscle between them. If you want to help your clients develop core stability that comes from the inside out, it’s time to turn your attention to the diaphragm.

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The Buzz About Anti-rotation Core Training
  • Certified™: Back & Core Special Issue

The Buzz About Anti-rotation Core Training

by Amanda Vogel
Health and Fitness Expert

Have you heard of anti-rotation core training? It’s become a bit of a buzzword in the industry lately, although the technique is not new. In fact, you might already be employing this method with clients, but haven’t called it that by name. New or not, anti-rotation exercises can be useful for incorporating variety and, most importantly, helping clients master core stability. Read on to learn about the benefits of anti-rotation training and give these sample exercises a try.

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Core Hammer: An ACE Integrated Fitness Training<sup>®</sup> Model Workout
  • Certified™: Back & Core Special Issue

Core Hammer: An ACE Integrated Fitness Training® Model Workout

by Jonathan Ross
Health and Fitness Expert

Exclusively for CERTIFIED readers, ACE Pro Jonathan Ross applies the principles of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model to create an innovative workout featuring the Core Hammer that is safe and effective for all your clients—not just the ones who are the most fit.

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