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February 2011

Are Your Older Adult Clients at Risk for Body-image Disorders?

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Feature Articles

Research Alert: Weight Loss May Reverse Immune System Damage

By JIM GERARD Do you have clients who are overweight or who are struggling with type 2 diabetes? Ground-breaking new research suggests that even modest weight loss—even as little as 5 pounds—can not only help boost the immune system, but may help individuals better manage their diabetes.
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Is There an App for That? If Not, Create Your Own App

By KAREN ASP Consumers are hungry—and only getting hungrier—for apps, and if you have a good concept for a fitness app and develop and market it properly, you could jump into this blossoming market. If you’ve ever thought about designing your own app, read on to hear how to crack this growing market.
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Nutrition Spotlight

Is a loophole in the FDA’s guidelines increasing the public’s risk of heart disease? And is it ever too late to start following a healthier diet? New research studies answer these questions and more.
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A Commonsense Approach to Exercise Following Iliotibial Band Syndrome

By TODD GALATI, M.A. Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) can be a painful consequence of overtraining or other factors, particularly among runners, cyclists and weight lifters. ACE Exercise Physiologist Todd Galati, M.A., explains the best way to help clients suffering from ITBS get back on their game.
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Q and A: How to Set Up a Client-referral Program

By CARRIE MYERS Your current clients and members are your best source of business advertising. Learn how you can create a cost-effective client-referral program that is guaranteed to increase your business in 2011.
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ACE's Vision for the Future of Fitness in America

ACE has announced its vision for the future of the fitness industry and overall outlook for America’s focus on healthy living in the coming years. Read the 2011 Vision Report.
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Tell Your Story and Win $250

Do you, your clients, a family member or friend have a personal story to share about weight loss or the desire to lose weight? We want to hear from you! ACE presents the My Body, My Life essay contest—A chance to win a $250 cash prize!
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Sneak Peek: 2011 ACE Fitness Symposium

Save the date! We’re excited to announce that the 6th annual American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Symposium is returning to San Diego, California November 2–5, 2011. Learn more about the new venue and get a sneak peek at what’s unfolding for this year’s event.
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Save $20 on Fusion

The IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference™ in Chicago, Ill., is now the EMPOWER! Fusion Weekend Fitness Celebration. As an ACE-certified professional, you can receive $20 off the main conference registration.
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Publisher: Scott Goudeseune
Technical Editor: Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
Editor In Chief: Christine J. Ekeroth
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