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January 2011

ACE-sponsored Research:

Hooping—Effective Workout or Child’s Play?

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Feature Articles

Coach Your Clients to Weight-management Success

By KAREN ASP It’s the start of a New Year and no doubt your clients are looking to you for help in achieving their weight-loss resolutions. We tapped the expertise of four successful Lifestyle & Weight Management Coaches to uncover how this certification expanded their businesses and enhanced their ability to help clients meet their weight-loss goals.
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From Theory to Practice: How to Use the New Lifestyle Activity Research to Maximize Your Clients’ Health

By ROSS E. ANDERSEN, Ph.D., FACSMA growing body of research suggests that lifestyle activity—the movements we perform every day, like walking up stairs or cleaning the house—can be an effective tool for achieving health benefits and staying active despite time constraints. Here we take a closer look at the research, dissect conflicting exercise recommendations, and provide guidance on how to educate your clients about the importance of increasing their daily lifestyle activity.
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Let the Games Begin: Help Your Clients Get Fit—and Have Fun—Like They Did When They Were Kids

By AMANDA VOGEL, M.A. Remember when the best part of your day was playing games at recess? You didn’t know that all that exercise was good for you…you just knew it was fun! Learn how to apply this same approach to staying fit by using cardio games that will have your clients sweating—and laughing—their way to better health and fitness
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Workout Watchdog: Eating Clean—Another Food Fad or a Commonsense Approach to a Healthy Diet?

You’d think we would have realized by now that there is no magical formula or diet that works for everyone. The latest trend, popularized by celebrities, is to focus on “eating clean,” or eating minimally processed, seasonal food. We take a look at two new books—Clean Food and Clean Start—to uncover the pros and cons of this latest dietary approach
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Research Wrap-up

You know yo-yo dieting isn’t particularly healthy, but new research suggests it may be even worse than previously thought. Could the stress of dieting actually permanently alter the brain? And with the incidence of type 2 diabetes skyrocketing, a groundbreaking new study uncovers the optimal exercise program for lowering blood sugar and reducing the risk of heart disease.
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ACE Impact Report 2010

Important issues surrounding health and wellness have been on the forefront of the national conversation this year, providing ACE with many opportunities to share our mission for creating a more fit America. Discover the impact ACE programs have had on people's lives with the 2010 ACE Impact Report.
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Earn CECs at Home

ACE live webinars are an ideal way to earn CECs in the comfort of your own home, while still getting the benefit of a live expert instructor with whom you can interact during the course. Learn about upcoming webinars including Weight Management Strategies for the New Year's Resolution and Anatomy & Kinesiology of the Lower Extremity.
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ACE in the News

ACE is regularly featured in the media, reaching more than 450 million people each year. From coverage on featuring how to make your walk a workout, to articles in popular magazines including Health and SELF, read the latest from ACE in the News.
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Publisher: Scott Goudeseune
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Editor In Chief: Christine J. Ekeroth
Art Director: Karen F. McGuire