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ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual, 3rd Edition

ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual, 3rd Edition
Price: $49.95
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Product Highlights

  • An essential how-to guide for successfully leading group fitness classes
  • Redesigned manual written by top industry experts and accompanying DVD featuring world-renowned group fitness expert, Lawrence Biscontini
  • Critical tool for Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam preparation and a complete "on-the-job" resource

Product Overview

The all-new ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual, 3rd Edition, prepares fitness professionals to design effective group fitness programs and both safely and successfully lead a wide range of class formats and participants. A must-have resource for group fitness instructors, the manual addresses critical core competencies regardless of the types of classes you teach. Topics range from instruction techniques and program design to the business of group fitness and an instructor’s ethical and legal responsibilities as well. Additionally, the manual tackles important considerations that group fitness instructors face when instructing a variety of individuals, including pregnant women and those with significant weight challenges.

The manual includes an all-new companion DVD, Essentials of Group Fitness Instruction, on which world-renowned group fitness expert and award-winning presenter, Lawrence Biscontini, offers essential steps and strategies to unlocking the critical elements of group fitness. Discover key components of class design, such as how to determine desired outcomes through exercise and movement selection, sequencing, choreography, program modifications and music.

Not only is the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual, 3rd Edition essential when preparing for the Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam, it is also an important reference book for anyone who is working in a group fitness environment and committed to staying abreast of the latest knowledge and information available in the fitness industry.


Key features and updates include:
  • An introductory chapter that defines the role of group fitness instructors in the health and fitness industry as well as the various job opportunities available
  • A revamped chapter on teaching a group exercise class that describes how individuals learn and, consequently, how group fitness instructors can utilize various teaching techniques to safely and effectively lead classes and provide participants with a truly memorable experience
  • A more focused discussion of screening protocols appropriate for the group setting, as well as observational assessments that instructors can make during a class
  • An all-new chapter on the business of group fitness, including a discussion of how to measure a group fitness instructor’s value to a fitness facility
  • An appendix that introduces the most popular types of specialty group exercise classes (e.g., Pilates, yoga, fitness boot camps and stability ball training) and provides a concise, yet comprehensive, overview of key skills and techniques required to effectively lead them
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