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Media Contact

For media inquiries please contact:
Phone: (888) 825-3636, EXT. 709

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Impact Report

Download the Impact Report 2014 for more information about ACE and its efforts to help people live its most fit lives.

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How Can We Help?

Our team is available Monday-Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST).

Health and Fitness Industry

Current and Prospective ACE Certified Professionals

Our Educational Services team can help aspiring professionals and industry veterans with a variety of questions about what certifications to consider, career benefits, continuing education options, certification status, insurance options and more.

ACE Resource Center

If you are currently preparing for an ACE certification exam, experts in the ACE Resource Center can provide encouragement and help answer questions about material you’ll need to know for the exam.

The ACE Fitness Certification Study Center is a Facebook page dedicated to those currently preparing for an ACE exam. You can connect with other aspiring ACE professionals, participate in live Q&A sessions with the Resource Center study coaches, find helpful graphics and study tips, and more.

Exam Registration

For questions regarding rescheduling, refunds, scoring or the development of exams, contact ACE Exam Registration.

Continuing Education Providers

If you are interested in becoming a continuing education provider for ACE or want to offer your facility as a host site for ACE workshops, our continuing education team can help.

Educational Institutions

ACE curriculum is utilized by hundreds of universities, colleges and technical schools nationwide, which incorporate it into their undergraduate and graduate programs. If you are interested in using ACE materials in your curriculum, please contact the accounts team.

Fitness Facilities

ACE works with health and fitness clubs of all sizes in helping staff members earn quality, accredited certifications and build their expertise with quality continuing education. Contact us for more information on continuing education opportunities for your facility.

Contacts for Other Inquiries

Advocacy Center

Visit our Advocacy Center to read more about our work with state, local and federal leaders, and our position on topics affecting the health of our nation and the professionals we certify and represent. Our Corporate Affairs team is available to provide information to the media, government leaders, affected parties and interested groups.

Media and Press Inquiries

ACE can provide health and fitness experts for media interviews, articles and public service campaigns. Contact ACE for information on the latest research, official position statements, the role of physical activity and behavior change as part of the healthcare continuum, health tips and more.

Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

Contact us if you are interested in sharing information about your products with ACE Professionals.

There are also advertising opportunities on, a website devoted to educating the public on health and fitness. Contact our Healthy You team for information on or licensing customized ACE content for your company’s online portal.

Article Submissions

If you are a health and fitness professional with a current NCCA-accredited certification and professional writing experience, you may be considered for editorial opportunities for upcoming blogs or ProSource articles. To apply, please submit 3-5 writing samples along with a short bio to ACE.

GymJob Career Opportunities

Health club owners and managers can post job openings on, powered by CareerBuilder, the nation’s largest online recruitment and career advancement resource. To recruit ACE Certified Professionals to work at your facility, visit