Innovators in delivering great physical-activity experiences

ACE is honored to be partners with a handful of innovative organizations that are the key to realizing ACE's community-engagement mission. Each of ACE's "community engagement partners" has found and proven a unique way to deliver structured, facilitated physical-activity experiences directly to populations that have disproportionately high rates of physical inactivity and related preventable chronic disease.

3 Wins Fitness

3 WINS Fitness is a free fitness program held in public parks in north Los Angeles for residents in surrounding communities. The physical-activity experiences are led by kinesiology students at California State University, Northridge. ACE provides education, training, research funding and support for program expansion. 3 WINS Fitness increases physical-activity opportunities in the community and provides kinesiology students experience as community fitness leaders while volunteering.

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GirlTrek, a national organization that activates Black women to be change makers in their lives and communities through walking, is the largest public health nonprofit for African-American women and girls in the United States. ACE and GirlTrek have been working together since 2015, providing scholarships and unique education experiences to Trek Leaders across the country to help train and inspire women to get more people moving.

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Sports Backers

The Fitness Warriors program of Sports Backers in Richmond, Virginia trains residents to become ACE Certified Professionals who then apply their skills in communities with high rates of chronic disease to get more people moving. Fitness Warriors lead free fitness classes in churches, schools, senior residences to community members who have limited physical-activity opportunities otherwise.

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