How We Advocate

ACE employs proven issue-advocacy professionals who know that ins and outs of how to educate policymakers and those who influence their votes. It's part of ACE's commitment to achieve the best possible results for well-qualified exercise professionals and health coaches, all in service to the goal of getting more people moving.

ACE Professional Policy Roundtables

At roundtables events around the country with ACE-Certified professionals, ACE educates on policies that are relevant to the occupation, hears the perspectives of those working every day in the field, and encourages and equips exercise professionals and health coaches to get involved on those issues that matter most.

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ACE on Capitol Hill

In in-person meetings with members of the U.S. Congress and their staffs, ACE educates on the issues that matter to ACE and our certified professionals. ACE is a regular presence on Capitol Hill at legislative briefings and hearings, “lobby days” focused on specific legislative issues, and even VIP events. For regular updates on our efforts on the Hill, follow us on Twitter.

ACE in the Field

While advocating for our Certified Professionals, ACE educates the community and other physical activity focused organizations on the roles of exercise professionals. ACE works to open doors that will create new opportunities for exercise professionals and health coaches by regularly presenting at national and state conferences, leading and contributing to prominent national coalitions, and positioning our Certified Professionals to be leaders in their communities.

ACE Congressional Fitness Challenge

ACE's annual "Congressional Fitness Challenge" has become a banner event for raising awareness of ACE Certified exercise professionals and health coaches and the cause of adopting a physically active lifestyle. And it equips our nation's elected leaders to set a positive, healthy example for constituents. For six weeks members of Congress and their staff compete in a bi-partisan friendly walking challenge to win bragging rights on Capitol Hill. Get all of the details on our blog.