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Fight Fat After Forty

Fight Fat After Forty
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Product Highlights

  • A Three-Pronged Approach to Breaking Your Stress-Fat Cycle and Become Healthy, Fit and Trim for Life
  • Navigate the Dangerous “CortiZone” Hours, or Stress-Eating Times
  • Burn Unwanted Toxic Weight for Good

Product Overview

In her book Fight Fat After Forty, renowned clinician and scientist Dr. Pamela Peeke uses the latest scientific research to reveal the truth that every woman—especially those over forty—needs to hear: stress, and the hormones it produces, can make you fat. Using her groundbreaking three-pronged approach, individuals can go from a Stress Overeater or Stress Undereater, and become a Stress Resilient person for life. You’ll discover not only what to eat, but when to eat by navigating the dangerous “CortiZone” hours—the time of day when you’re most vulnerable to stress eating. Like her patients who have shed pounds of “toxic weight” under her clinical guidance, you too can tailor Dr. Peeke’s program to meet the specific needs of you or your clients and burn unwanted “toxic weight” from your body for good!

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