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Group Fitness Instructor Exam Review

Group Fitness Instructor Exam Review
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  • Self-paced online course
  • Pre-recorded lectures
  • Fill-in-the-blank exercises
  • Interactive Quizzes

Product Overview

Course contents include:   

The ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam Review Course is a valuable study tool to help you prepare for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam. The 5.5-hour online course is ideal for people who learn best on their own and in a self-paced environment, but want the in-depth teaching and support of ACE-developed curriculum.

Listen to pre-recorded lectures, complete fill-in-the-blank exercises and take interactive quizzes all in the convenience of your own home. Go step by step through the required knowledge and skill sets and gain deeper insight into how to apply what you learn to your career as a fitness professional.

This online course includes six modules covering the key topic areas of the exam content outline. You can take the course all at once, or complete each module separately as you have time.  

Applied Sciences   
Learn to analyze complex problems and determine the best solution to challenges dealing with exercise physiology, kinesiology, elementary biomechanics, anatomy, motor learning and control, nutrition and healthy eating, weight management, stress management and basic behavioral sciences. You will review applications of the following knowledge areas: cardiorespiratory physiology, metabolism, general physiology, the musculoskeletal system and principles of mechanics and physics as they relate to group fitness.

Exercise Programming & Class Design
Construct a group fitness class composed of the basic exercise components (i.e., warm-up, conditioning, cool-down and stretching) while accommodating various fitness levels.  You will apply established guidelines to design appropriate exercise progressions, provide modifications for special populations and adjust class design for various environmental conditions to ensure a safe and effective setting for all class participants.

Group Instructional Methods
Understand appropriate and effective teaching methods in order to accommodate participants’ needs.  Utilizing established methods and techniques, use a variety of techniques to monitor intensity, use succinct and timely cues, correct improper technique, provide educational feedback and demonstrate modifications to exercise. 

Group Leadership Methods
Incorporate interpersonal communication skills in the group fitness setting and facilitate a comfortable exercise environment for all participants.  Aid group fitness participants in adopting physical activity as a lifelong exercise habit by incorporating effective motivational techniques and health and fitness education material.

Professional Responsibility
Develop a working knowledge of applicable law and industry guidelines as well as the ACE Code of Ethics.  Be responsible for understanding emergency policies and procedures to respond to acute medical conditions and emergencies as well as how to enhance professional competence. 

Note: ACE-certified professionals who hold a certification other than Group Fitness Instructor and successfully complete this course will earn 0.6 Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Steps to completing this course
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on "Online Learning Courses" in the "My Account" section.
  3. Choose your course and complete as necessary.
  4. After successful completion of the quiz your CECs will automatically be added to your ACE account.

Please note: This online only course does not include a book/DVD/CD. You will not receive any additional items by mail when making your purchase.

Recommended System Specifications
The ACE Online Learning courses are designed for the best experience using a system that meets the following specifications:
*All pop up blockers should be disabled (includes Yahoo! and Google toolbars)

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