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Get more people moving as an ACE Affiliate

How to earn more money with the ACE Referral Reward Program

Boost your earnings with the ACE Referral Reward Program in a few easy steps!

How it Works

Use ACE-created promotions and educational campaigns to share with your followers. All assets are available to you through the Rakuten portal. When you follow the steps below and use Rakuten LinkShare, user tracking will be displayed on your Rakuten dashboard. To get credit for the ACE sales you generate, you MUST use the Rakuten portal links and banners that ACE creates for you.

Activation & Optimization Plans Available

Contact to find out about extra bonuses available to you!

Learn more about how to maximize your referral income from Tyler of, one of our top personal trainer partners in the ACE Referral Reward Program.

Wondering how to increase your passive income?
Here are some easy ideas to implement:


Install web banners on your site that are professionally designed by ACE, available in your Rakuten portal.


When you use words like ACE, Certified Personal Trainer and other related terms, be sure to link them back to the ACE website,


Create custom deep links in Rakuten to ACE content. This includes our blogs, workout library or other content that supports your Facebook or social media content.


Use Bitly, Google's URL shortener ( or any other link shortening service to create small text links that you can print on business cards or add to your email signatures.


Continue to expand your personal brand by writing articles for other websites, and promote ACE with your custom links.

How to become an ACE Affiliate


Step 1

Create and build your own unique brand using your website, social media and blog posts to promote your healthy and fit lifestyle. This is extremely important, because having an engaging, robust personal brand is the best way to increase your referral income.


Step 2

Create a publisher account with Rakuten »

If you are already a Publisher with Rakuten, skip to step 3.


Step 4

Find and accept our public offer to get into our program.

Note: Typical approval time is 2-3 business days.

Make money with ACE assets

Once you are accepted and set up in our program, it's time to start making money!

Learn how to get set up in your Rakuten account.

Banners/Text Ads

Select the banner or text ad you'd like to use on your website, blog or social media channel. You can also copy a link to send it to someone directly.

Banners/Text Ads

Here you can scroll through our various banner ads for promos, career guides, research material, etc. Find anything that fits your content!

Banners/Text Ads

You can easily copy and paste the link code for each banner to remove any headaches.

Custom Linking (Deep Linking)

If you do not see a text/banner ad you'd like to use, don't worry. You can use our deep linking function to create a link to any page on our website.

For example:

You can use this blog post and insert it into our deep linking function to create your own tracking link for your site!

Custom Linking (Deep Linking)

After you've selected the links you'd like to use, you can choose to shorten the URL.

Custom Linking (Deep Linking)

Once you've shortened the URL, select and copy it into your clipboard. You will be able to paste it wherever you wish to use it.

ACE Affiliate Tyler Reed

Meet Tyler, a successful ACE affiliate

Tyler Reed, the brains behind, hosts one of the most successful websites in the ACE Referral Reward Program. Tyler has been a certified personal trainer for eight years and has been producing great content to help educate people on all things personal training. ACE had the opportunity to ask Tyler how the program has worked for his site, and his tips for beginners.

ACE: What has the ACE Referral Reward Program done for your fitness career?

Tyler: "The ACE Referral Reward Program has allowed me to significantly boost my income on top of what I am earning as a personal trainer. Not only am I earning more, but I am helping people start a career in a fantastic industry—one that changes lives for both trainers and their clients."

ACE: What is the best advice you could give someone new to affiliate marketing?

Tyler: "The best advice that I can give to people just getting started with affiliate marketing is to network as much as possible. After you have created your valuable content, you have to get people to see it. So however you decide you will obtain your traffic (social profiles, search engines, etc), you need to reach out to influencers in the industry for a guest post, or other publication. At the beginning, it is all about getting noticed. Maybe start a competition where you give something away for free to build hype and to get your brand recognized. It is all about obtaining traffic to your website or social profile page in order to make sales. Networking with influencers is a big part of that."