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Whether you are a health and fitness professional who wants to focus your practice or a health care professional who wants to complement your on-the-job expertise, earning an ACE Specialty Certification can help you better serve specific populations. You can also stand out among your peers by becoming a specialist in fitness nutrition, orthopedic exercise, weight management or another area.

Although anyone may complete the courses for a Specialty Certification, ACE will not recognize you as a Specialist unless you hold one of the NCCA-accredited certifications or equivalent professional credentials listed here. You may also explore a list of our other FAQs.

Fitness Specialist Certifications are approved for up to 26 hours of continuing education by ACE and, depending on the Specialty, also approved for continuing education hours by the American Association of Medical Assistants, ACSM, the California Board of Registered Nursing, the Commission on Dietetic Registration, The Cooper Institute, NASM, NCSF and NFPT.


Behavior Change Specialty Certification

Behavior Change

As a Behavior Change Specialist, you’ll possess the practical, hands-on skills to develop client-coach relationships and guide people to achieve individual goals. Learn to deliver interventions rooted in the science of positive psychology and emotional intelligence, and tailored to an individual’s readiness to change.

Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification

Fitness Nutrition

Becoming a Fitness Nutrition Specialist will help you develop expertise in all areas of nutrition education and promotion that are within the scope of practice for health and fitness professionals.

Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification

Sports Conditioning

As a Sports Conditioning Specialist, you’ll have the tools to design workouts for one-on-one or group training that helps athletes improve their balance, strength, agility and speed.

Weight Management Specialty Certification

Weight Management

Becoming a Weight Management Specialist will help you lead clients who have been impacted by overweight or obesity to long-term weight management success through a balance of behavior change strategies, exercise and nutrition.

Senior Fitness Specialty Certification

Senior Fitness

As a Senior Fitness Specialist, you’ll learn to effectively serve adults over 55 by incorporating modifications and training that prevents muscle deterioration, improves bone strength and boosts quality of life.

Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certification

Orthopedic Exercise

As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, you can effectively prevent muscle, bone and joint pain, and develop exercise programs for clients and patients following post-orthopedic rehabilitation.

Youth Fitness Specialty Certification

Youth Fitness

As a Youth Fitness Specialist, you will learn to develop age-appropriate exercise programs that engage youth at home, school and on the field, and instill in them the value of physical activity.

Functional Training Specialty Certification

Functional Training

Earning a Functional Training Specialty Certification will help you develop exercise programming aimed at helping clients and patients move more efficiently and prevent injury.

Mind Body Specialty Certification

Mind Body

Earning a Mind Body Specialty Certification will help you deliver holistic wellness programs based on movements that improve posture, build strength and reduce stress.

Therapeutic Exercise Specialty Certification

Therapeutic Exercise

Becoming a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist will help you develop exercise programs for clients and patients with ailments, diseases or disorders that prevent them from falling under normal guidelines.