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ACE Fitness Certifications

We exist to make a lasting impact

At ACE, our mission is simple. Every day, we work to empower people to live their most fit lives. We do that by creating an army of highly qualified Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Health Coaches, and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialists. And we do that through unbiased, science-based fitness information we provide to the public. Unlike other certification providers, we don’t exist for publicity or profit. We exist to carry out our mission, which includes connecting you directly with clients that come to us for advice. Our integrity shows in the four core certifications we have accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and in the specialty certifications we offer to help professionals stand out in their markets. Aside from being part of the largest nonprofit fitness certification organization in the world, earning an ACE certification will make you a part of one of the most respected names in the industry.


ACE has a wide range of certifications available for every career path — from our four primary NCCA-accredited certifications to specialty certifications that offer curriculum focused on specific areas.

  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • ACE Health Coach
  • ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist


Earning an ACE Specialty Certification in fitness nutrition, orthopedic exercise, weight management or another area will help you better serve specific populations in your market. Specialty certifications are intended to complement NCCA-accredited health and fitness certifications and not replace them. If you do not hold a current NCCA-accredited certification or an equivalent professional credential, you may still complete courses for any Specialty Certification to receive continuing education credits and a certificate of completion. For a list of accepted pre-requisite credentials for ACE Specialty Certifications, click here.

  • Behavior Change Specialty Certification
  • Youth Fitness Specialty Certification
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certification
  • Weight Management Specialty Certification
  • Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification
  • Functional Training Specialty Certification
  • Mind Body Specialty Certification
  • Therapeutic Exercise  Specialist Certification
  • Senior Fitness Specialist Certification


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