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  • Personal Training Study Bundles

Personal Trainer Study Bundles

ACE Personal Trainer ManualStudy materials for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification come in multiple options. You can either purchase one of our bundles, which feature a variety of different study aids to help you prepare for the study exam, or you can purchase the study materials individually. Each of our bundles includes an exam voucher, and ultimately offer the best value for those new to the industry or fitness professionals who do not already hold an NCCA-accredited Personal Trainer Certification from another organization. As an added bonus, any time you buy a bundle, you get free shipping on your order.
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Choose Your Study Bundle

Standard  $599


Our Standard bundle includes a core set of study materials, an exam voucher, access to experts in our ACE Resource Center, our 12-week guided email series, one online practice test and an exam review. We recommend this option for candidates who have significant education or experience in the field, or those who do not need visual aids or a guided study path.

SAVE $280
Premium  $699


In addition to everything included in our Standard bundle, the Premium option features ACE Academy Elite, our interactive video-led study experience. The online platform divides all of your learning material into convenient lessons that incorporate interactive presentations led by ACE professionals, custom progress tracking, lesson quizzes, two practice tests and an exam review. We created ACE Academy Elite for candidates who want the full online university experience and those who perform best in a structured learning environment. And so far, the results are astounding. We've found that 87 percent of students who follow the entire ACE Academy Elite lesson plan pass the exam on their first attempt.

SAVE $390
Premium Plus  $799

Premium Plus

Our ultimate ACE Personal Trainer Certification bundle, the Premium Plus option takes all the perks from our Premium package and adds a few bonuses including our Fitness Math course, a prepaid exam retake voucher and free shipping. You’ll also be able to track your study progress and get deeper insight into topics with ACE Academy Elite, our interactive, video-led study experience. Access to ACE Academy Elite for iPad, a new app that lets candidates utilize the guide from their mobile device, is also included. A payment plan option for candidates who want to pay in installments is available.

SAVE $550

If you are a member of the U.S. MILITARY, call us at (888) 825-3636 to find out how you can get 20% OFF.

View Individual Study Materials

Personal Trainer Certification Exam

If you already hold a current personal trainer certification from another organization or if you have a background in anatomy, kinesiology and physiology, you can elect to take the exam without purchasing any of the study materials. Find out more about the exam and our eligibility requirements by clicking below.
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Need Help?

Our team of experts is available Monday-Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST) to help you choose a study bundle or answer any of your questions about the ACE Personal Trainer Certification. Contact us by phone at (888) 825-3636, email or live chat.
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