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ACE's Exercise Testing & Program Design


ACE's Guide to Exercise Testing & Program Design

  • Learn exercise testing and how to develop comprehensive training programs using the results
  • Includes case studies that test your ability to turn knowledge into practical programming techniques

ACE's Guide to Exercise Testing & Program Design: A Handbook for Fitness Professionals is now available. This comprehensive guide is a valuable resource for you whether you're a seasoned or a newly certified fitness professional.

Newly added are three chapters of case studies to help you learn how to apply the results of exercise testing to the program-design process. By writing out your responses and comparing them to the answers given in the back of the book, you will gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses as a fitness professional. In addition, you will be better able to provide effective exercise programs that take into account the needs, goals and limitations of each individual client, which is ultimately your role as a fitness professional.

The new case studies enable readers to apply health-screening, fitness-assessment and program-design skills using common, realistic scenarios they may encounter in the field. Readers are given the opportunity to perform risk assessments and design appropriate exercise programs for different individuals. In other cases, they are asked to analyze the effectiveness of established programs.