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ACE Personal Trainer University Curriculum Course

National Personal Training Institute of Ohio

3496 Snouffer Road #100
Columbus, OH USA 43235

Ph: (614) 336-2664
National Personal Training Institute of Ohio

About National Personal Training Institute of Ohio

The National Personal Training Institute of Ohio campuses in Cleveland and Columbus offer an extensive 600 hour personal training education program. The unique curriculum is divided between classroom instruction and daily hands-on practical training (that takes place in a large fitness facility), so each day of attendance not only do students study subjects such as anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise programming, nutrition and the business of personal training in the classroom, but they are also taught the latest exercise techniques and gain experience designing a variety of workout programs for a diverse clientele in the gym. Job placement assistance and an internship program are available to help students take that next step.

Course Description

The Personal Trainer Exam Review Course is a college course designed to help students prepare for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam. Based on the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, this course will help students master the necessary information and theories of exercise science for personal training. The following areas will be covered:

Foundational Knowledge: Applied Science
Learn key concepts from exercise physiology, kinesiology, elementary biomechanics, anatomy, motor learning and control, nutrition and healthy eating, weight management, stress management and basic behavioral sciences. Review applications of the following knowledge areas: cardio respiratory physiology, metabolism, general physiology, the musculoskeletal system and principles of mechanics and physics as they relate to personal training.

Client Interview and Assessment
Understand how to assess your client’s current health and fitness status through procedures and forms to obtain health and medical information, assess client expectations, promote client adherence and conduct baseline measurements.

Program Design and Implementation
Learn to interpret the results of client assessment, establish client goals, develop a safe and effective exercise program, address health risk factors and teach safe and effective exercise. Evaluate principles and techniques of cardio respiratory, strength and flexibility training and become familiar with accepted standards and guidelines.

Program Progression, Modification and Maintenance
Make appropriate modifications to achieve exercise program goals and promote adherence. Learn how to make program adaptations based on individual client challenges, response to training and environmental conditions. Understand behavioral strategies to improve client adherence and success.

Professional Role and Responsibilities
Determine the best solutions to challenges dealing with emergency policies and procedures, scope of practice, legal and ethical responsibilities and fair business practices and documentation, as they relate to the personal trainer.