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ACE Group Fitness Instructor University Curriculum Course


105 Intercoil Business Centre
Dubai, n/a UAE

Ph: 97143233232

Course Description

The ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam Review Course is a college course designed to give students the required knowledge and skill sets to help pass the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Exam and safely and effectively lead group exercise classes.

Applied Sciences
Learn key concepts from exercise physiology, kinesiology, elementary biomechanics, anatomy, motor learning and control, nutrition and healthy eating, weight management, stress management and basic behavioral sciences. Review applications of the following knowledge areas: cardio respiratory physiology, metabolism, general physiology, the musculoskeletal system and principles of mechanics and physics as they relate to group fitness.

Exercise Programming & Class Design
Construct a group fitness class composed of the basic exercise components (i.e., warm-up, conditioning, cool-down and stretching) while accommodating various fitness levels. Students will apply established guidelines to design appropriate exercise progressins, provide modifications for special populations and adjust class design for various environmental conditions to ensure a safe and effective setting for all class participants.

Group Instructional Methods
Understand appropriate and effective teaching methods in order to accommodate participants’ needs. Utilizing established methods and techniques, use a variety of techniques to monitor intensity, use succinct and timely cues, correct improper technique, provide educational feedback and demonstrate modifications to exercise.

Group Leadership Methods
Incorporate interpersonal communication skills in the group fitness setting and facilitate a comfortable exercise environment for all participants. Aid group fitness participants in adopting physical activity as a lifelong exercise habit by incorporating effective motivational techniques and health and fitness education material.

Professional Responsibility
Develop a working knowledge of applicable law and industry guidelines as well as the ACE Code of Ethics. Be responsible for understanding emergency policies and procedures to respond to acute medical conditions and emergencies as well as how to enhance professional competence.