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  • Team build with your clients

Go the distance with ACE

A great race starts with great training, and great training starts with expert advice and sound, science-based knowledge. Proud to be the Official Training Partner of the Women’s Running Series, ACE has everything your clients need to train smarter and reach their goals. Whether your clients want to walk their first half marathon or shave time off their 5K, or simply improve their fitness, we have an array of resources, including motivational strategies, equipment recommendations and nutritional advice.


Getting race-ready, or even just exercising regularly, requires more than just a training schedule. You need powerful tools that will not only help your clients reach their goals, but also inspire them to reach higher and keep going when motivation starts to wane.

  • Training Programs

    Whether your clients are working toward their first half marathon or shaving time off their 5K, ACE can help complement what you do with them in sessions. Our guided, online programs vary in length from 4 to 26 weeks, covering nutrition, training and motivation, and they can help keep them invested in meeting their goals.
  • Expert insight

    ACE Fit is a source you can pass on to your clients for motivation and science-based information on nutrition, equipment and physical activity. They can access insight from top experts and resources to provide them with everything to complement what they do with you in sessions. Our event finder also helps them choose the right race.
  • Online community

    Our Resolution Evolution allows anyone with a Facebook profile to submit a goal they want to achieve and a motivational image that represents what they want to work toward. They can track their progress through posts and photos, and build relationships with others just like them. Having the ability to see how far they’ve come and to receive encouragement from others who are striving to change will help your clients build the confidence they need to keep going.

Share Your Best Advice

Every day you offer your clients the support and inspiration they need to keep going. What are your top tips for training, nutritional strategies and avoiding injuries? Share your best advice by joining our discussion on Facebook.


Women’s Running Series: San Diego
February 22, 2014

With water and city views plus San Diego’s year-round temperate climate, this race is a treat for runners and walkers.

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