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Fitness Product Reviews

Why We Care

It’s our mission to protect consumers against ineffective fitness products, programs and trends. As the nation’s “workout watchdog,” the American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) sponsors university-based exercise science research studies and independent reviews that target fitness products and trends. To maintain credibility, we only conduct research and reviews on products and programs that fall within the health and fitness category – our scope of expertise.


Current review categories include, but are not limited to consumer health and fitness products that fall into these categories:


Portable Equipment


Accessories & Electronics

Dance Exercise
Diet & Nutrition
Health, Mind & Body
Pre-Natal Fitness
Weight Loss & Management
Workouts & Exercise Programs
Yoga & Pilates

Strength & Resistance
Yoga & Pilates


Monitors & Analyzers

ACE conducts and publishes independent expert reviews on fitness products empowering consumer and fitness enthusiasts to make informed decisions related to their health and safety. The results are published online at Members of ACE’s fitness product review team include medical doctors, exercise physiologists, exercise scientists, registered dieticians, certified fitness professionals and other industry experts.


How to Submit a Product for Review

If you are a manufacturer or product distributor with a consumer health or fitness product that you want ACE to consider for review, simply submit an online Review Application. If your product is approved but not selected for an ACE expert/editor review, it will remain posted to the website to be reviewed by your peers and consumers. If your product is declined, it will not appear on

There is a non-refundable US$25 administration fee for submitting your request which does not guarantee that your product or program will be posted or reviewed.

Submit Application


Review Policy & Procedures

  1. Whether you submit an application and/or we request your product, we will conduct an evaluation; however, we cannot guarantee it will appear as a review on

  2. Review applications can only be submitted by product manufacturers, distributors and/or their appointed representatives. To check the status of your application you must do so by logging into your account at and clicking on the My Product Review Applications link. Due to volume, personal phone calls cannot always be returned.

  3. If your product is selected for review, you will be contacted and asked to ship one sample of the product to:
    American Council on Exercise
    ATTN: Publications Department Product Reviews
    4851 Paramount Drive, San Diego, CA 92123

  4. If you are asked to submit a product sample, we will keep it for approximately 60 days, though exceptions may occur. If you choose to send your product unsolicited, ACE may elect to not return it.
    Note: If you would like your product to be returned, you must submit return shipping information including shipping labels and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) information.

  5. Your product will go through a thorough and unbiased evaluation process by our review staff. It is our goal to provide consumers with a qualified review based on real-life testing. We look for safety, quality, validity of claims, usefulness and fair pricing.

  6. It is our policy to write all reviews based on unbiased, personal field tests. We strive to be fair in our assessment of a product, program or trend.

  7. In no case do we guarantee a favorable review. If we become aware of a product that we feel is potentially dangerous to users, or deceitful and misleading in its claims, we will report that in our review.

  8. Product reviews may appear in the Workout Watchdog section of ACE Certified News, and/or as a full Editor Review on

  9. The opinions expressed in the Workout Watchdog section of ACE FitnessMatters and in the Editor Reviews on, are entirely those held by the American Council on Exercise and its staff of experts.



ACE reserves the right to post and review consumer products in support of its mission and within its scope of expertise. We will not conduct reviews or post information on:

  • Products that are not consumer-oriented and health or fitness-related

  • Products that include nutritional supplements and/or vitamins

  • Non-fitness related food and beverage products

  • Large (i.e., non-portable) fitness equipment or products

  • Products (of any kind) that are in development

ACE also reserves the right to modify or update its review policy at any time without prior notice.