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ProSource: August 2014

ProSource: August 2014

ACE Study Reveals Best Biceps Exercises

By Scott Young, M.S., John P. Porcari, Ph.D., Clayton Camic, Ph.D., Attila Kovacs, Ph.D., and Carl Foster, Ph.D.

Some call them the vanity muscles—and for good reason. In gyms across the nation, the biceps are among the most coveted, sought after and overly trained muscles in the human body. But what’s the best way to safely build strong and defined biceps? Exclusive ACE-sponsored research evaluates eight popular biceps exercises to determine which is the most effective.

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Can You Train Upper and Lower Abs Separately?

By Jonathan Ross

One of the more confusing and controversial topics in the fitness world is the question of whether or not there is any difference between the upper and lower abs. Can you train them separately or do they act as one single muscle? Does it even matter? ACE Certified Pro Jonathan Ross looks at a couple of recent studies that will help clarify how to choose the right exercises for your clients, depending on their individual needs and goals.

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Creating a Profitable Nutrition and Weight-loss Challenge

By Megan Senger

Developing a short-term weight-loss or nutrition program—such as a 10-week lifestyle reboot or a 4-week diet detox—can be an effective way to expand your business and add an important revenue stream. Learn how to improve trainee results, retention and your bottom line, all while staying within your scope of practice as a fitness professional.

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The Real Reason So Many People Are Overweight

Is out-of-control eating to blame for America’s obesity epidemic? Or is lack of exercise and leisure-time activity to blame? New research sheds light on this ongoing debate. Learn what it means for your clients, and why the findings are particularly important for young women.

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14 Tips for Marketing Your Fitness Brand on Social Media

By Amanda Vogel, M.A.

Why social media is like speed dating, your Facebook page is not your brand, size is not as important as you might think and other important truths and tips to help you effectively market your fitness brand online.

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5 Tech Tools to Enhance Your Fitness Business (and Increase Your Bottom Line)

By Ted Vickey

With hundreds if not thousands of ways to incorporate technology into your fitness/health business, there’s never been a better time to start making technology work for you. Here are five tech tools that are sure to help you think outside the box and to grow your business.

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Exercise and Ankle Sprain Injuries: A Comprehensive Review

Ankle sprains are common in team sports and sports played on courts, and often result in structural and functional alterations that lead to a greater reinjury risk. Specific exercises are often used to promote neuromuscular improvements in the prevention and rehabilitation of ankle injuries. This literature review summarizes the neuromuscular characteristics of common ankle sprains and the effectiveness of exercise as an intervention for improving neuromuscular function and preventing reinjury.

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Helpful or Harmful? Potential Effect s of Exercise on Select Inflammatory Conditions

The influence of exercise on inflammation is complex and has been widely studied. The type of exercise, as well as the intensity, duration and consistency of the exercise sessions can affect inflammatory markers. This review will help exercise professionals understand the effects of exercise on inflammatory markers, as well as offer effective treatment options and recommendations for patients exercising with rheumatic or inflammatory conditions.

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