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ProSource: March 2014

ProSource: March 2014

10 Surefire Ways to Add New Life to Your Group Ex Classes

By Megan Senger

If you’ve been teaching the same group-ex classes for a while, you may be feeling a little stuck, perhaps a little stale. And if you feel this way, chances are your participants might be feeling it as well! To help you get out of a teaching rut, give these 10 tips from fellow group fitness pros a try.

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Is Loaded Movement Training the Future of Fitness?

By Pete McCall, M.S.

For years, training with heavier loads and low reps has been the accepted way to improve muscle size and definition. New research, however, suggests that using lighter loads while moving in a variety of directions at different speeds may be more effective for building total-body strength throughout the myofascial network. Could this be the future of fitness?

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ACE Research: Improve Walking Workouts with Weighted Vests

By Daniel J. Green

If you work with highly unfit or overweight clients, the latest ACE-commissioned study offers important findings for how to safely increase the intensity of your clients’ walking workouts through the use of weighted vests. Plus, we include several ready-to-go walking workouts that you can begin using with your clients today.

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Motivation Tips from Top Trainers

By Karen Asp

As a fitness professional, you are in the behavioral change business. But getting clients to stay committed to healthy living when they’re on their own can be a challenge. If you can teach them what it takes to build new habits, however, you could give your clients the tools they need to commit 24-7. Here’s some great advice from top fitness trainers and experts in the field on how to do exactly that.

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Can Personal Training Get Too Personal?

By Carrie Myers

Having the right “chemistry” between trainers and clients can be essential to establishing a good working relationship and helping clients achieve their goals. But what happens when the trainer-client relationship gets too personal? Is it important to be open to help establish trust or are you (and your client) better off keeping things purely professional? We asked our experts to weigh in on this often-challenging issue.

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Study: Omega-3s Could Combat Negative Effects of the Western Diet

While no amount of supplements can make up for a poor diet, new research suggests that a particular form of omega-3s—even in supplement form—could be helpful in fighting some of the negative effects of the typical Western diet, which is often high in both fat and sugar. Learn about this important nutrient and how much is needed to help prevent fatty liver disease, which is estimated to affect one in four Americans.

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