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ProSource: January 2014

ProSource: January 2014

Is Any Workout Worth the Risk?

By Jim Gerard
There’s nothing quite like the topic of CrossFitTM to get people talking—and arguing. Mention Uncle Rhabdo (the nickname for rhabdomyolosis, a condition in which damaged muscle tissue breaks down and damages the kidneys) and the conversation is likely to get heated. Turns out there has been a noticeable increase in the incidence of this rare, but serious and even fatal disease. But is CrossFit really to blame?

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New Year, New Message! Help Your Clients Maintain, Don’t Gain More Weight

By Karen Asp

This New Year’s, instead of resolving (and often failing) to lose weight, what if your clients made it their goal to not gain more weight instead? Could this new message—to avoid gaining weight rather than try to lose it—offer a new way to fight the obesity crisis? An eye-opening study says yes. In fact, by trying to avoid gaining weight instead of trying to lose it, your clients may actually be more successful in reducing their body weight in the long run.

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Yoga and the Art of Hands-on Adjustments

By Megan Senger

Hands-on adjustments can be an important part of the training process, helping clients to learn how to properly execute specific exercises safely and effectively. In yoga, hands-on adjustments are as much an art as they are a science. Here’s what you need to know to correctly, safely and professionally perform physical assists when teaching this ancient practice.

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Lower-body Causes of Back Pain (and How to Fix Them)

By Justin Price

Four out of five adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and fitness professionals properly trained in corrective exercise are perfectly positioned to assist these people get rid of the pain and return to the activities they enjoy. This first article in a two-part series explores some possible lower-body causes of back pain and offers corrective exercise solutions you can integrate easily into your personal training business.

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How to Give Your Overweight and Obese Clients the Best Chances for Success

By Carrie Myers

As the calendar turns on another New Year, chances are you may be acquiring new clients who are overweight or obese and are committing themselves to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. From your initial consultation to your first few weeks of training, there are several points to consider when working with this clientele. Here’s how you can help your overweight and obese clients have the best possible experience and remain committed.

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Could Texting Be the Key to Helping Your Clients Lose Weight?

Research shows that when people keep track of their diet and exercise habits, they do better at losing weight. But sticking with detailed monitoring of what you eat and your exercise habits electronically or via traditional pen and paper can prove cumbersome. Fortunately, there may be a better way to help your clients stick with their weight-loss goals, and it’s something most of use every day: text messages.

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