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ProSource: December 2013

ProSource: December 2013

Could Yoga Be an Athlete’s Fountain of Youth?

By Megan Senger

What do basketball superstar LeBron James, tennis champion Andy Murray and all the NFL players of the Seattle Seahawks have in common? Yoga. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike are discovering they recuperate faster and feel better when incorporating yoga into their exercise programs. Some even speculate that yoga could be the key to avoiding the aches and pains associated with aging. Here’s how you can help your clients do the same.

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Trainer’s Toolbox: Three Progressive SandBell® Workout Programs

By Pete McCall

If you are looking for new equipment that is versatile, easy to transport and extremely fun to use, consider adding some SandBells to your training toolbox. You can use them as you would a dumbbell or kettlebell, plus the shifting sand can help improve grip strength as well. Here are three progressive, full-body workout programs that will suit any client’s needs, from the beginning exerciser to the highly trained athlete.

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Banning Trans Fats: Good for Health or Overly Cautious?

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced its intent to ban trans fats, which are found in foods like baked goods and microwavable popcorn. Citing significant health concerns related to heart disease, the food industry will be required to gradually phase out the use of trans fats. But will this ban really have a positive impact on Americans’ health or is it simply more legislation?

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Exclusive ACE Research: Do Youth Coaches Need Coaching, Too?

How experienced and knowledgeable are the volunteers coaching youth sports? After all, they’re responsible for keeping kids safe, whether on the field or during practice. Though no one expects these valiant volunteers to have advanced degrees in exercise science, this exclusive ACE study exposes alarming gaps in qualifications for those who coach youth sports.

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Seniors Offer Booming Opportunities for Qualified Fitness Pros

By Carrie Myers

People like to talk about functional fitness, but at its core its about helping people function in their daily lives. Simple tasks younger people may take for granted can become obstacles to seniors living independently and maintaining a healthy quality of life. Knowledgeable fitness professionals have a huge opportunity to help this growing population do just that.

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Six Questions to Answer Before Opening Your Own Training Studio

By Cris Dobrosielski

Have you ever thought about opening your own training studio? Here's your chance to learn from the experience from someone who has done it successfully. Cris Dobrosielski, who owns a thriving training studio in San Diego, Calif., suggests answering six important questions that will serve as a starting point to begin shaping your venture.

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