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ProSource: October 2013

ProSource: October 2013

Is Tabata All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Exclusive ACE-sponsored Research

Tabata, a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is one of the hottest trends in fitness right now, with legions of exercisers doing high-intensity Tabata-style workouts, including most notably the CrossFit community. In this exclusive ACE-sponsored study, researchers examined the physiological responses to a Tabata-style workout to determine if it is really as effective as many believe it to be.

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Juiced: Should Your Clients Be Drinking More of Their Nutrients?

By Karen Asp 

It seems like everybody and their Aunt Sally are juicing these days, perhaps following in the footsteps of Hollywood celebrities who have touted juice fasts—not just juicing—as a surefire way to detox and slim down. But can juicing really deliver the full nutritional punch of fruits and vegetables? Read what our experts have to say.

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Yoga Straps for Scapular Strength

By Elizabeth R. Kovar, M.A.

For some people, achieving good form in yoga can be a challenge, particularly in poses emphasizing scapular stability, such as Warrior II and downward-facing dog. Incorporating yoga straps, however, can help your participants and clients learn how to properly engage the upper body during scapulothoracic movements.

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Super-short Exercise Bouts (at the Right Intensity) Offer Big Weight-loss Benefits

When it comes to losing weight—or not becoming overweight in the first place—every little bit of exercise can help. A new study suggests that micro-bouts of activity—shorter than 10 minutes—can lower one’s risk of obesity as long as the intensity level is sufficiently high. Learn how you can help your clients use micro-bouts of exercise to enhance their weight-loss efforts.

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Q & A: Was Everything I Learned About Muscle Force Generation Actually Wrong?

By Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., and Nicole J. Somerville, B.Ph.Ed. 

A new study suggests that what was previously thought about muscle force generation—specifically, the sliding filament theory—may actually wrong. So what does this mean for fitness professional and how programs should be designed for clients? Dr. Lance Dalleck explains the implications of this novel new study.

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Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Call to Action—and Opportunity—for Fitness Professionals

By Nicholas A. DiNubile, M.D.

More and more individuals with vulnerable, aging frames are trying to stay active—or should be more active. This presents both challenges—and opportunities—for fitness professionals. Learn how you can help the growing population of people with musculoskeletal ailments develop or return to an active lifestyle.

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