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ProSource: August 2013

ProSource: August 2013

Red Meat: How Much Is Safe to Consume?

By Jim Gerard

Many people are trying to eat more healthfully, but contradictory nutritional advice makes knowing what to eat difficult, especially when it comes to things like fat, cholesterol, eggs and red meat. Paleo advocates advise us to eat more meat and eggs, while many nutritionists recommend eating less to reduce the risk of heart disease. Two new studies shed some light on this debate, answering some questions and raising a few more. Here’s what you need to know.

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A Call to Lead: Why Fitness Professionals Should Discuss Nutrition With Their Clients

By Natalie Digate Muth

When it comes to offering nutritional advice, what exactly is within the bounds of a fitness professional’s scope of practice? While the laws in each state vary widely, here are some basic guidelines for you to follow, along with some helpful tools and resources to help your clients improve their nutritional status and enjoy the benefits of eating healthfully.

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Co-Training Clients: How Sharing Clients Among Trainers Boosts Business Revenues

By Megan Senger

Have you ever considered sharing your clients with another trainer? Learn why this increasingly common practice may not only be better for your clients, but could increase your income and help you achieve a better work-life balance as well.

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Is Getting Enough Sleep More Important Than Getting Enough Exercise?

Night owls beware: A growing body of research suggests that not getting enough sleep can really take a toll on your waistline. Not only does your body need that time to restore and repair itself, a new study suggests that skimping on sleep makes it more likely you’ll splurge on extra late-night calories.

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Invest in the Future by Offering Youth-based Programs

By Carrie Myers

Working with children can be hugely rewarding, both personally and professionally. In fact, offering youth programs can elevate your visibility and value within your community. Learn about the benefits of offering youth-based programs, as well as a new specialty certification that will make it possible for you to influence the health and well-being of future generations.

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The Ups and Downs: Three Steps to Minimizing and Managing Fluctuations in Income

By Daniel J. Green

The fitness industry has traditionally been resistant to overall trends in the economy, which means you may have weathered the recent rocky economy better than those in many other professions. However, fitness professionals still need to account for seasonal fluctuations in income. Here's how to account for these dips, maximize your slower seasons and stay in top financial shape all year-round.

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