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Posts published in "August 1998" within ACE Press Releases

Coax Your Kids Off The Couch And Onto A Fun Fitness Routine, Says The American Council on Exercise

Posted on Friday, August 28, 1998

SAN DIEGO - Warning: Too much TV-watching can be hazardous to your child's health! According to a recent study conducted at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the more television children watch, the greater the odds are that they will be sedentary and overweight. The study, queried more than 4,000 children ages 8 to 16 about their exercise habits and was spearheaded by Ross Andersen, Ph.D. ...

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American Council on Exercise’s Energy2 Burn Program Gets Kids Moving

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 1998

SAN DIEGO - Since its inception two years ago, the American Council on Exercise's (ACE) Energy2 Burn program has motivated more than 43,000 youngsters to move. In 1996, the Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health announced that nearly half of American youths (ages 12-21) are not vigorously active on a regular basis and that one-fourth never participate in any ...

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