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Posts published in "November 1999" within ACE Press Releases

Before You Hit The Slopes: Training Tips From American Council on Exercise Help Prepare You For The Snowboard and Ski Season

Posted on Friday, November 19, 1999

SAN DIEGO - You don’t have to wait for snow to get ready for ski and snowboard season. Start training now—help avoid injury, and sail past those other ski bums and boarders on your way down the mountain. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), dusting the competition or showing off for friends are not the only reasons to get in shape before the snow season. Skiing and ...

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American Council on Exercise Offers Tips on Exercising In The Cold

Posted on Thursday, November 18, 1999

SAN DIEGO - The biggest concern for exercising in the cold is hypothermia, or too much heat loss. When you exercise in a cold environment you must consider one primary factor: how much heat will your body lose during exercise? Heat loss is controlled in two ways: 1. insulation - body fat plus clothing; and 2. environmental factors - temperature, wind and whether you're exercisin ...

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