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Serving as America’s Authority on Fitness the American Council on Exercise® (ACE®) and its extended spokesperson network are featured or quoted in print, online and broadcast reaching more than 450 million people per year. Publications and online news outlets including Shape, Health, Fitness, The Wall Street Journal, Prevention, New York Times, USA Today, LA Times,, Consumer Reports, CBS The Early Show, O Magazine and Men’s Fitness are just some of the organizations that turn to ACE as a source for safe, reliable and effective fitness information.

Total Posts: 170  |  Last Post: 4/30/2013          

WALL STREET JOURNAL - Procrastinating Unmotivated Find the Right Fitness Friend to Stay Fit

By Wall Street Journal on February 2013

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HEALTH CALLINGS - Consider a Career as a Fitness Trainer

By Health Callings on February 2013

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DIETS IN REVIEW - New Year, New Career-5 Most Popular Fitness Professions in 2013

By Diets In Review on January 2013

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ABOUT.COM - Teens give losing a try

By on January 2013

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MEDLINEPLUS- With Diabetes, Boosting Exercise Should Be Done Safely

By MedlinePlus on November 2012

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CNN MONEY - Best Jobs In America 18. Personal Trainer

By CNN Money on November 2012

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REUTERS - U.S. Obesity Epidemic Propels Fitness As Career

By Reuters on September 2012

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PFP - ACE Announces New Health Coach Certification

By PFP on September 2012

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Long Beach Business Journal - Study Shows Personal Trainer Supervision Improves Frequency, Success In Workouts

By Long Beach Business Journal on August 2012

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The Washington Post - Obama's health-care law The fitness and wellness provisions you may have missed

By The Washington Post on August 2012

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U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT - Getting Paid to Stay Fit

By U.S. NEWS on Jul 2012

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REUTERS - Olympic fever revs up fitness routines

By Reuters on July 2012

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - A Flat Tummy -- Fast

By Good Housekeeping on June 2012

THE AMERICAN LEGION - Fitness industry reaches out to military families

By The American Legion on June 2012

CLUB SOLUTIONS - Nutrition for Profit

By Club Solutions on June 2012

SHAPE - The #1 Exercise to Ditch Arm Flab

By Shape on May 2012

HEALTH AND FITNESS - What You Need, Where to Go, and What You'll Pay

By Fox Business on May 2012

HEALTH - Power Up Your Playlist

By Health on May 2012

CHICAGO TRIBUNE - Exercise outside for Earth Day

By Chicago Tribune on April 2012

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Strut your stuff

By Better Homes & Gardens on April 2012

SELF - The Best Workout Equipment You Don't Have To Buy

By Self on March 27, 2012

USA TODAY TRAVEL - Airports Get into the Fitness Craze for Stressed Travelers

By USA Today Travel on February 21, 2012

UPI - Michelle Obama's 'Fun' Exercises Effective

By UPI on February 9, 2012

MARKET WATCH - You Can Afford a Personal Trainer

By Market Watch on January 17, 2012

Yahoo! Health- 9 Best Fitness Moves of All Time

By Yahoo! Health on January 3, 2012

SELF - Beat the Holiday Bulge! The 9 Best Exercises of All Time

By Self on December 19, 2011

HEALTHNEWSDIGEST.COM - American Council on Exercise's New Years Wellness Tips

By on December 14, 2011

CHIGACO TRIBUNE - Fitness Tips From Top Trainers

By Chicago Tribune on November 17, 2011

WEIGHT WATCHERS - Safe Fall Fitness

By Weight Watchers on November 2, 2011

REUTERS - Gymnastics Rule Modern Cheerleading

By Reuters on November 1, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS STAR - Doctors Fighting Childhood Obesity

By Indianapolis Star on October 23, 2011


By American Baby on October 2011

OUTSIDE - Wellness Coach

By Outside on September 2011

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Join the Hoopla

By Better Homes & Gardens on August 2011

NEW YORK TIMES - Off the Train, and Onto a Wave

By New York Times on August 8, 2011

FITBIE.COM - Why You Should Give In to the Zumba Craze

By on August 8, 2011

REUTERS - If The Athletic Shoe Fits

By Reuters on July 25, 2011

ESPNW.COM - Test Your Strength With W's Fit Challenge

By on July 22, 2011

CLUB BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL - First Lady Enlists IHRSA and ACE to Enhance Well-being of Military Families

By Club Business International on June 2011

SEVENTEEN FITNESS - 4 Weeks to Your Best Beach Body

By Seventeen Fitness on Summer 2011

KIWI - Healthy...Mind and Body

By Kiwi on Summer 2011

VIM AND VIGOR - Action Plan

By Vim and Vigor on Summer 2011

HEALTH.COM - Health Gear Awards 2011: The Best Fitness Products of the Year

By on June 03, 2011

ARTHRITIS TODAY - Fitness Fusion

By Arthritis Today on May 01, 2011

OXYGEN - By the Numbers

By Oxygen on May 01, 2011

ALL YOU - My Body Does What?

By All You on May 20, 2011

WOMEN'S HEALTH - Yes, You Can be a Triathlete

By Women's Health on May 01, 2011


By Weight Watchers on May 01, 2011

REDBOOK - Make It Work

By Redbook on May 01, 2011

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Workouts, Worked In

By Better Homes and Gardens on April 01, 2011

FAMILY CIRCLE - Spring Forward

By Family Circle on April 01, 2011

REDBOOK - The Better-than-Nothing Thigh Workout

By Redbook on April 01, 2011

CNBC - ACE Reveals Power Balance Bracelet to be Ineffective

By CNBC on March 23, 2011

SHAPE - Follow Your Heart

By Shape on March 01, 2011

WOMEN'S HEALTH - Run Less, Lose More

By Women's Health on March 01, 2011

HEALTH.COM - A Quick Way to Get the Kinks Out

By on February 25, 2011

FAMILY CIRCLE - Walk-In Closet

By Family Circle on February 01, 2011

IDEA FITNESS JOURNAL - ACE Announces Fitness Trends for 2011

By IDEA Fitness Journal on February 01, 2011

THE WASHINGTON POST - 11 Ways to Live Well in 2011

By The Washington Post on January 13, 2011

PARADE - Reboot for the New Year!

By Parade on January 02, 2011

CLUB BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL - ACE Surveys Identify Encouraging Trends

By Club Business International on January 01, 2011


By Personal Fitness Professional on January 01, 2011

RECREATION MANAGEMENT - ACE Visualizes Future of Fitness

By Recreation Management on January 01, 2011

CNN HEALTH - Why You're Not Seeing Fitness Results this Year

By CNN Health on January 28, 2011

HEALTH.MSN.COM - Women: Your Healthiest Year Ever

By on January 04, 2011

SELF.COM - How Long Should it Take to (Safely) Lose Baby Weight?

By on December 28, 2010

WEB MD - Weatherprof Your Pregnancy Workout

By WebMD on November 30, 2010

CNN - Women and strength training

By Ninette Sosa on December 29, 2010

WOMEN'S HEALTH - Eat, Drink and Still Shrink

By Women's Health on December 1, 2010

FITSUGAR.COM - Sex and 4 More Everyday Calorie Burners

By on November 24, 2010

SELF.COM - 20 Sizzling Sex Secrets

By on November 11, 2010

SHEKNOWS.COM - Fitness Trends for 2011

By on November 9, 2010

WEB MD - Make Your Walk a Workout

By WebMD on November 1, 2010

HEALTH - This Stuff Will Make You Slim

By Health on November 1, 2010

SELF - Food Lovers' Secrets

By Self on October 1, 2010

SELF - Need a Lift?

By Self on October 1, 2010

ESPN - Power Bracelets?

By Mark Schwarz on October 31, 2010

STAR-TELEGRAM.COM - Exercise Key to Improving Kids' Posture

By on September 19, 2010

THE WASHINGTON POST - To Help Kids Maintain Good Posture, Make it Fun

By on September 16, 2010

EVERYDAYHEALTH.COM - Get Fit: Real Fitness Information You Can Trust

By on September 02, 2010

LIVESTRONG.COM - Reasons for Kids to Exercise

By on August 22, 2010

NWITIMES.COM - Local Programs Help Kids Fight the Fat

By on July 14, 2010

GROCERY MAMA - Henkle Helps Get Kids Fit

By on July 14, 2010

YAHOO SHINE - Summer Family Fitness Tips

By on June 30, 2010

LIVESTRONG.COM - Obesity in Children and Exercise

By on June 19, 2010

TRICITIES.COM - Childhood Obesity is a Huge Problem in the U.S.

By on June 16, 2010

RIDGECRESTCA.COM - Michael Anderson: Raising a Healthy Teenager

By on June 16, 2010

BRISTOL HERALD COURIER - Childhood Obesity is a Huge Problem in the U.S.

By Bristol Herald Courier on June 16, 2010

NWITIMES.COM - Greening the Family Workout

By on May 24, 2010

IHRSA.ORG - Let's Move! Michelle Obama Challenges us to Eliminate Childhood Obesity

By on June 01, 2010


By Club Business International on June 01, 2010

THE MONEY TIMES - AHA, Nintendo Team Up to Promote Health, Fitness

By The Money Times on May 18, 2010

WebMD - Wii Games Get Heart Group's Seal of Approval

By Web MD on May 17, 2010

FOXSPORTSNORTH.COM - Forming Healthy Habits

By on May 13, 2010

EARTH TIMES - IHRSA Expresses it's Ardent Support of America's First-Ever National Physical Activity Plan and Accepts Role as Co-Chair of Implementation Sub-Committee

By Earth Times on May 03, 2010

MSN.COM - Fit Mom, Fit Kids: Fun Family Workouts

By on May 01, 2010

ABCNEWS.COM - Work/Rest Intervals Ratchet up Workouts

By on August 16, 2010

SELF.COM - 5 Crunch-less Ways to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

By on August 4, 2010

PREVENTION - Splash Yourself Slim

By Prevention on August 2010

ARTHRITIS TODAY - To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

By Arthritis Today on July-August 2010

FOX NEWS - New Research Questions Benefits of 'Toning Shoes'

By Julie Banderas on August 8, 2010 - What You Need to Know about H2O

By on July 01, 2010 - The Bone-Building Workout

By on July 22, 2010

LADIES HOME JOURNAL - Rev Up Your Walking Workout

By Ladies Home Journal on July 01, 2010

SOUTHERN LIVING - Triathlon Tips for the Rest of Us

By Southern Living on July 01, 2010

WEB MD - Tank Top Workout: Upper-Body Exercises

By WebMD on June 23, 2010

ARTHRITIS TODAY - 7 Dynamic Warm Ups

By Arthritis Today on June 21, 2010

SHAPE - Torch 400 Calories in 20 Minutes

By SHAPE Magazine on June 1, 2010

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES - Heart-healthy Wii?

By Chicago Sun-Times on June 2, 2010

SHAPE - Can You Shock Your Butt Off?

By Shape on May 26, 2010

STAR - Looking to Slim Down Before Summer?

By Star on May 19, 2010

MEN'S FITNESS - Top Five Urban Bike Paths in the U.S.

By Men's Fitness on May 12, 2010

REAL SIMPLE - 15 Minutes and You're Done: Triceps

By Real Simple on May 01, 2010


By Woman's Day on May 01, 2010

CLUB SOLUTIONS - ACE Board of Director Member, Dr. Ashel E. Hayes, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

By Club Solutions on April 27, 2010

RUNNER'S WORLD - Incredible Weight Loss Myths Exposed

By Runner's World on April 1, 2010

BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - The Information You Need to Stay Well

By Better Homes and Gardent on April 1, 2010

CNN Health - How Much Should You Exercise?

By CNN Health on March 30, 2010

WOMAN'S DAY - 7 Ways Stress Can Actually be Good for You

By Woman's Day on March 11, 2010

SHEKNOWS.COM - Get Fit with Water Aerobics

By Health and Fitness on March 10, 2010

SAN DIEGO LIVING - Slim Down Secrets

By Jessica Matthews, Education Coordinator on February 16, 2010

WOMAN'S DAY - Right Place, Right Time

By Woman's Day on February 17, 2010


By San Diego Union Tribune on February 2, 2010

PREVENTION - the Workout for Every Body

By Prevention on February 1, 2010

LADIES HOME JOURNAL - Surprising Secrets to an Always and Forever Marriage

By Ladies Home Journal on February 1, 2010

OUTSIDE - All Systems Go

By Outside on January 1, 2010

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Relax, You Can Beat the Stress

By WSJ on January 3, 2010

SAN DIEGO LIVING - Octo-Mom's New Body, Exercise or Surgery?

By Jessica Matthews, Education Coordinator on February 8, 2010

DIET 2010 (Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest) - How to Boost Your Balance

By Diet 2010 on January 1, 2010

FITNESS - Walk Your Butt Off

By FITNESS on January 1, 2010

LA TIMES - An Exercise in Fidelity

By LA TIMES on January 4, 2010

FITSUGAR.COM - Upcoming Fitness Trends for 2010

By FITSUGAR on December 2, 2009

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - Drop 5lbs Tips and Tricks to Try Today

By GOOD HOUSEKEEPING on November 9, 2009

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Cinching Your Belt Without a Crunch

By The Wall Street Journal on November 24, 2009

OPRAH.COM - Balancing Act: Get Fit With a New Fitness Tool and 4 Simple Moves

By Polly Brewster on November 23, 2009

CLUB BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL - Fully, Fantastically Functional!

By Jon Feld on November 2009

LADIES HOME JOURNAL - How to Get a Younger Body

By Ladies Home Journal on November 2009

REAL SIMPLE - 15 Minutes and You're Done Stronger Abs

By Sharon Tanenbaum on November 2009

RECREATION MANAGEMENT - Fitness Designs Meeting a Growing Need

By Jessica Royer Ocken on November 2009

BOSTON GLOBE - Thinner Wallets Fatter Bellies

By Elizabeth Cooney on November 20, 2009

GLAMOUR - Exercise Less to Burn More Calories? Yes!

By Shaun Dreisbach on November 2009

THE NEW YORK TIMES - Pushing Past the Pain of Exertion

By Sarah Bowen Shea on October 29, 2009

USA TODAY - 'Rocker' shoe put to test

By Kim Painter on October 12, 2009

TIME - Hoop It Up. Why are so many people hula-hooping to lose weight?

By Catherine Sharick on October 5, 2009

THE NEW YORK TIMES - Baby Runs With a Fast Crowd

By Sarah Bowen Shea on October 1, 2009

MORE - The Latest Fad: Playing Dirty

By Debbe Geiger on October 2009

FITNESS - Constant Calls Can be a Real Pain

By FITNESS on October 2009

GLAMOUR - Could You Lose Weight Playing Wii?

By Jenny Stamos Kovacs on October 2009


By David Feder on October 2009

WEIGHT WATCHERS - Overcoming Gym Nervousness

By Jody Genessy on October 1, 2009

MSNBC.COM - Find the Right Workout Machine for You

By Jacqueline Stenson on September 29, 2009

WEBMD.COM - Over 40, Fit and Ready to Bare Arms

By Kathleen Doheny on September 4, 2009

View Media Coverage »

ATHLETIC BUSINESS - Balance and Stability

By Nicholas Brown on September 2009

IDEAFIT - Weighing In On The Biggest Loser

By Amanda Vogel, MA on September 1, 2009


By Ladies Home Journal on September 2009

SELF - Desire

By Marjorie Ingall on September 2009

U.S. NEWS - Worried About the 'Freshman 15'?

By Katherine Hobson on August 25, 2009

CNNHEALTH.COM - Shoes' Toning Claims Draw Experts' Doubts

By Madison Park on August 14, 2009

YAHOO! HEALTH - Gym Class Injuries Up 150 Percent

By Steven Reinberg on August 3, 2009

CLUB SOLUTIONS - Group Exercise Create an Environment for Success TODAY!

By Sara Cardine on August 2009

COMPETITOR - Stabilize Your Shoulders for Swimming

By Fabio Comana on August 2009

ONSITE FITNESS - Developing the 'Whole Trainer'

By OnSite Fitness on August 2009

SHEKNOWS.COM - Jump to Get Fit

By Michele Thompson, MS on July 27, 2009

ABC WXOW NEWS 19 - Make Time to Stretch

By Fabio Comana, M.S., M.A., Exercise Physiologist on July 20, 2009

SAN DIEGO LIVING - Common Gym Mistakes

By Pete McCall, Exercise Physiologist on May 20, 2009

MEN'S HEALTH - The Best New Fitness Gear

By Kyle Western on April 2009

CNN.COM - How to Get Michelle Obama’s Toned Arms

By Madison Park on February 27, 2009

View Media Coverage »

SAN DIEGO LIVING - Crunchless Ab Workout

By Jessica Matthews, Education Coordinator on January 19, 2009

SAN DIEGO LIVING - Celebrity Fitness Routines

By Jessica Matthews, Education Coordinator on January 8, 2009

SAN DIEGO LIVING - Shape Up Fast with Plyometrics

By Pete McCall, Exercise Physiologist on January 6, 2009

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