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ACE Fitness Expert Todd Galati

Todd Galati holds a master’s degree in kinesiology, a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, and all four ACE certifications. Galati’s experience includes directing youth fitness programs focused on reducing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, teaching courses in biomechanics, applied kinesiology, and anatomy at Cal State San Marcos and San Diego State University, conducting human performance studies as a research physiologist with the U.S. Navy, personal training in medical, nonprofit, and commercial facilities, and coaching endurance athletes to state and national championships and other goals once felt to be out of reach.

Fun Fact

Mountain biking is my favorite activity, but I also enjoy trail running, hiking, and climbing. I have ridden trails all over the Southwestern US, Europe, and New Zealand, and competed in events ranging from hill climbs and downhills to MTB stage races and 100 milers. My ideal "gym" is a wilderness area with great singletrack trails, hills to ride, run, and hike, and some fun rocks to climb … all near good burrito and coffee shops of course.

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