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Fitness Professional Resources

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    New Nutrition Tools for Pros

    Fitness professionals have the opportunity to reach people struggling to manage or lose weight, but unfortunately, many shy away from discussing nutrition, assuming it is outside of their scope of practice. ACE has taken the initiative to find solutions that allow fitness professionals to maximize their expertise in nutrition without going beyond the boundaries.

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    Top Tips and Never-Before Seen Exercises for Training the Abs [VIDEO]

    The weather's warming up, so you and your clients may be wondering how to get chiseled abs. Author of "Abs Revealed," Jonathan Ross, knows exactly how to work all your abs — not just the main ones. Watch this video series for two never-before seen, innovative ab exercises.

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    Riding a Bike Going Nowhere Is Harder Than It Looks

    Many people falsely assume that it's easy to teach an indoor cycling class. As long as they are in shape, have a great personality and spend a ton of time on their tunes, how hard can it be? If you truly want to provide the best experience, there's more than meets the eye.

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    Correct Cues for Scapular Motion

    Personal trainers often give clients cues on how to move the shoulder blades during back- and chest-strengthening exercises, but they don't always agree on exactly what those cues should be. Our experts examine shoulder-blade positioning during four common resistance exercises and explain when, why and how to cue scapular movement to achieve safe and effective form.

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    5 Foods That Are Healthy (But Aren't)

    There are a lot of food options out there and many of them hide under a guise of being healthy. It can definitely get confusing! We decided to take the guesswork out of healthy eating by asking registered dietitians and nutrition experts to weigh in. They told us which foods aren't as healthy as we may think and even better, healthy swaps for them.

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    Applying the ACE IFT Model to P90X and Crossfit

    We’ll take a look at P90X and Crossfit, and how the Load and Performance phases of the ACE IFT Model are related to the popular workout trends.

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    Shifting Is the New Lifting

    Most lifting programs are incomplete. And it’s because they are just that — lifting programs. Most weightlifting exercises involve lifting, directly opposing gravity. But in life, we lift, shift and twist things we hold. If you add some shifting and twisting, your “lifting” program can now provide a more complete movement experience.

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6 Tips for Self-employed Fitness Pros: Timely Advice to Take Your Business to the Next Level

By Amanda Vogel, M.A.

Making the switch from full-time work to being a self-employed health and fitness professional can be a huge challenge, especially if you’re used to having a regular schedule. Distractions, lack of self-discipline and taking on too many clients or projects are just a few of the things that can derail your best efforts. Here are six of the most common mistakes self-employed fitness pros make and how to avoid them. Read more »

By the American Council on Exercise

Stretching Techniques for Alleviating Muscle and Joint Pain (Part 2)

By Justin Price

As a health and fitness professional, many of your clients undoubtedly turn to you for help in managing chronic muscle and joint pain, a common and debilitating problem. In this second installment of a three-part series, learn how to progress your corrective exercise strategies and understand when it is appropriate to incorporate stretching exercises with clients who are experiencing musculoskeletal pain. Read more »

By the American Council on Exercise

5 Immune System-Boosting Foods

It doesn’t have to be flu season for the body’s immune system to need immune-boosting nutrition to fight off the latest bug. Learn why including a variety of healthful and nutritionally dense foods in your meals, combined with regular exercise, is an effective way to stay healthy all year long. Continue Reading »

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How Sodium Affects Your Body

While salt can make foods taste great, too much of it can lead to a variety of health issues. Learn how too much sodium affects your organs and why creating a well-rounded meal plan that limits salt intake can help ensure that your body functions at optimal levels now and for years to come. Continue Reading »

By on 5/18/2015 | 0 Comments Comments