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Health Coach Requirements Find out if you're eligible to sit for the Health Coach certification exam.

Health Coach Requirements

To sit for the ACE Health Coach Certification Exam, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old and hold a current adult CPR / AED certification with a live skills check.
  • SUBMIT PROOF for one of the following before registering for your exam:
    • Current NCCA-accredited certification or license in fitness, nutrition, healthcare, wellness, human resources, or related field.
    • An associate’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university in fitness, exercise science, nutrition, healthcare, wellness, human resources, or related field.
    • Comparable work experience in any of the industries specified above.

Have questions about our ACE Health Coach pre-requisite requirements? Contact us at (888) 825-3636, ext. 782.

Need Help? Call our experts at (888) 825-3636
or email them with questions.
TOOLS FOR YOUR PRACTICE Explore resources for your practice by contacting or (888) 825-3636, ext 820.

Health Coach for Health Care Professionals

The landscape of health care is changing. Physicians, registered dietitians, chiropractors and other allied health professionals are taking a more holistic approach to care with concepts such as the patient-centered medical home model. They have transformed how primary care is organized and delivered. The preventive services benefit under the Affordable Care Act has even expanded what many insurers will cover. Lawmakers, insurance providers and health care professionals are recognizing that people need more than advice to overcome unhealthy behaviors; they need hands-on help. They need someone who can translate doctor recommendations into action and results. They need someone who can empower patients to change the behaviors that have kept them from losing weight, eating healthier, incorporating physical activity into their lives, and improving their overall health. They need ACE-certified health coaches.

Why Choose ACE?

Health care providers are looking for a way to influence real change. A way to get their patients healthier while meeting the demands of a changing industry. To fulfill that need, health coaching certifications have been introduced by a variety of organizations. Only one is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the same body that accredits certifications for pharmacists, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians and many other health professions. The ACE Health Coach Certification is a quality solution fueled by science-based research about behavior change, physical activity and nutrition from a trusted name.

Health Fact

Inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use and frequent alcohol consumption are the primary causes of chronic disease

Health coaches on the health care team

Fostering a deeper connection

Earning an ACE Health Coach Certification will help medical assistants, registered nurses, registered dietitians chiropractors, physical therapists, pharmacists or other members of the health care team fill a demand that needs to be met. The specialized training they receive in behavior change, physical activity and nutrition coaching will help them connect with patients to identify a path to change, and travel on that path with them. As an ACE Health Coach, they’ll hold expertise in motivational interviewing, positive psychology and effective goal-setting that will allow them to accurately address the behaviors that have held patients back from making real, long-term change.

Health Fact

Inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use and frequent alcohol consumption are the primary causes of chronic disease

ACE Academy Select

ACE Academy SelectACE Academy Select

ACE supports professionals throughout their careers, starting the moment they begin studying for the ACE Health Coach Certification exam. As candidates move through the material, experts in our ACE Resource Center are available by phone, email and social media to explain key concepts or offer encouragement when needed. ACE Academy Select, our presentation-led program, also provides an in-depth look at topics covered on the exam and helps streamline the study process. The experience also includes custom progress tracking, our exam review course and two online practice tests.

ACE Health Coach Manual

Working as part of the health care team, an ACE Health Coach can lead the transition from 'sick care' to 'health care,' and ultimately, to 'wellness.'

ACE Health Coach ManualThe curriculum covered in the ACE Health Coach manual includes insight from 19 leading experts in behavioral psychology, fitness, nutrition, health care and education. Skills in behavior change and coaching psychology, weight management psychology, the physiology of obesity and techniques for lifestyle coaching provide the expertise necessary for health coaches to help all types of clients take ownership of their goals. And research states their efforts are effective. Numerous studies have shown positive outcomes resulting from prevention programs, and obesity and weight-loss interventions led by health coaches.

Health Fact

The obesity epidemic has led to a higher demand for fitness professionals and a projected market growth of 24 percent by 2020

Get Started Today

Become an ACE-certified Health Coach by choosing a program of study materials

Choose Your Study Program

Take the first step in becoming an ACE-certified Health Coach by choosing a program of study materials to help you prepare for the exam. Our two options feature a variety of study aids – from flashcards to ACE Academy Select, our Web-based, presentation-led study experience.
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Professional Resources


Dedicated to helping you grow

In addition to ProSource™ our online publication committed to providing new training techniques and research-based insight, ACE has a number of professional resources to help you grow. We offer advanced certifications and continuing education to help you learn. We test the effectiveness of products and trends with independent, third-party research. We offer guided, easy-to-follow lifestyle programs and thousands of other tools on designed to help you lead people to long-term, healthy change.
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*Data sourced from "Intensive Behavioral Therapy (IBT) for Obesity (2012) by Medicare Preventive Services; "Chronic Diseases: The Power to Prevent, the Call to Control" (2009) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and "Patient-Centered Medical Home Fact Sheet" (2012) by Blue Cross Blue Shield.