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  • Continue Your Career As An ACE Pro

ACE Certification Renewal

Since 1985, ACE has served as a trusted name in the industry. Our Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Health Coaches, and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialists are go-to experts in clubs worldwide. They are successful business owners, facilitators of corporate wellness programs, and respected resources for healthcare professionals. 

Continuing your journey as an ACE professional will not only help you succeed in business; it will help you safely and effectively lead people to healthy, long-term change.

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Industry FACT

ACE Professional Benefits

Why should you keep your ACE certification current?

You Hold an NCCA-accredited Certification

Employers and the public are becoming increasingly aware of the difference between professionals who hold credible certifications and those who do not. Without a current ACE certification, your value as a health and fitness professional is hampered. It’s the best way to verify you have the knowledge and skills to help people safely and effectively.

Find an ACE Pro

We want to connect you with clients, which is why we link your My ACE profile to our Find an ACE Pro tool on Through a simple zip code search, people all over the world can search for professionals like you to lead them on their health and fitness journey.

IDEA Fitness Journal Subscription

To keep you up to date on the latest in training techniques, research, industry happenings, equipment and expert insight, ACE sends you a special ACE version of IDEA Fitness Journal for free 10 times per year.

Liability Insurance Coverage

Protecting yourself with liability insurance is a must, which is why we offer our professionals access to our exclusive ACE Liability Insurance Program. Available at a discounted rate, insurance policies protect you against negligence or failure to perform as a competent professional.

You’re Part of a Larger Cause

As a nonprofit, ACE goes above and beyond standard practices by returning 80 percent of our resources back to you and the public. We create new continuing education, commission independent research, build partnerships that help distinguish you from other professionals, and collaborate with policymakers on your behalf.

Recertify Now ▶

Recertify Now

To make sure your credential remains current, you need to earn 2.0 continuing education credits and complete the recertification process every two years.

To recertify, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your My ACE Account
  • Browse Continuing Education to Complete Your Required 2.0 CECs Please note that a current CPR/AED is required to recertify.
  • Click RECERTIFY NOW and Follow On-Screen Instructions
  • Recertify Now ▶

Recertification Fees

One Certification

On-Time Recertification (prior to expiration)
Online: $129     Mail‑In/Fax: $139

Two Certifications

On-Time Recertification (prior to expiration)
Online: $69 each     Mail‑In/Fax: $79

Three Certifications

On-Time Recertification (prior to expiration)
Online: $59 each     Mail‑In/Fax: $69

Four Certifications

On-Time Recertification (prior to expiration)
Online: $49 each     Mail‑In/Fax: $59


Late Recertification:
Up to 3 Months past expiration

Online & Mail-In/Fax: $169 each

Up to 6 Months past expiration

Online & Mail-In/Fax: $199 each

Recertify Now ▶