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870 Market St, suite 1019
San Francisco, CA USA 94102

(415) 407-3874

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Stretching By the Bay


Diane Waye is the Director of Therapy and Education at Stretching by the Bay, San Francisco’s Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening clinic . Diane is the Leading West Coast Instructor of A.I.S. for professional education, and continues her private practice to the world's finest athletes (such as Olympic Runner Magdalena Lewy), and others seeking performance optimization and/or pain relief. Diane has been utilizing Mattes' cutting edge discoveries in kinesiology since personally studying with the AIS creator in 1997, and continues to work closely with Mattes to expand the accessibility of AIS. Diane assists athletes in meeting their goals of minimizing injury and maximizing performance with the highest standard of care. You can find her at or 415 407-3874.

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