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Format Description Turbo Kick classes continue to sweep the nation. Our pre-designed interval class uses no equipment, so it is very feasible and easy to learn. What is pre-design? From warm-up to the cool-down, the work has been done for you! We have researched, tested and designed a near “perfect” class that is yours for the taking. As a trained Turbo Kick instructor, you have the option of using our pre-designed material. By using the pre-designed format, you do not need to worry or wonder, “What am I going to do today?” Using the pre-designed Turbo Kick choreography makes it possible for instructors to “shine” by focusing on their personality, presentation, and motivation. Each “Round” is a perfectly designed, complete class that has been tested in actual class settings with participants of various levels and in various areas of the country. This gives our Turbo Kick instructors a class with success built in. Finally, members say the top two reasons they choose one instructor’s class over another are music and the instructor’s personality. We give you the tools to have both with our recipe for the best kickboxing music on the planet. This is only available to trained Turbo Kick instructors. New Rounds are released approximately every twelve weeks and include: • Choreography DVD • Choreography notes and instructions • Music CD FORMAT DESIGN Turbo Kick is a 60-minute class and has been designed to offer instructors the ease of a pre-designed class. Turbo Kick classes are designed with a sport specific athletic warm-up, an advanced cardio section, using intensity intervals of kickboxing drills and increased tempo “sprints”, followed by work-recovery segments. It follows a linear progression, is formatted to fulfill group exercise standards and guidelines, and it provides optimal training results. All of these benefits are achieved as students advance through peaks and valleys of energy. Each Turbo Kick Round has eleven sections. They include: Section 1: Warm-up Section 2: Punches Section 3: Kicks Section 4: Punches and Kicks Section 5: Turbo (anaerobic drills) Section 6: Recovery Section 7: The Finale Section 8: Finesse (stylized kicks) Section 9: Leg Endurance Section 10: Abs/Push-ups Section 11: Mind/Body Cool Down Sections 2-6 each have a “long” combination and a “short” combination—labeled as “A” and “B” when viewing the choreography notes. The “A” combination is typically 11 to 12 musical phrases, while the short combination is between 5 and 7 musical phrases. Each musical phrase is 32 counts/beats. Each Round follows this simple format, giving instructors the opportunity to mix a variety of sections from their favorite, previous round(s). For example, it is possible to combine sections one, two and three from Round 18 with sections four, five and six from Round 6, and so on. By using the same format for each round, instructors can follow a proven and tested recipe for success. This familiarity makes transitioning from one round to the next easier for students as well. Once learned, this formula simplifies the “memorization” process for instructors.

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