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Pulmonary Disease

This CEC will cover Pulmonary Disease focusing on asthma and COPD. Participants will learn what asthma is, the 2 Ideologies, and how many individuals are affected each year. Physiological responses will be covered focusing on symptoms and diagnosis as well as what causes asthma and specific triggers. A four part management plan will be laid out preparing participants to identify and minimize triggers as well as typical treatment plans (including medication and exercise) for asthma. The benefits of exercise for asthma will be explained and participants will learn how to handle an asthma attack if a client experiences an attack during exercise. Asthma during pregnancy will also be covered. COPD will be defined (including chronic bronchitis and emphysema) and risk factors will be identified. The development, biochemical basis, and terminology of emphysema will be covered along with lung anatomy and physiology. Participants will learn how exercise can be incorporated into the lifestyle of an individual with COPD and what appropriate exercise guidelines should be followed.

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