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Role of Strength Training in Weight Loss

One of two Americans is presently following a low-calorie diet plan, yet more than 90 percent of successful dieters regain all of their weight within one year. Calorie restriction essentially guarantees fat replacement due to the concurrent reduction in muscle tissue and resting metabolic rate caused by dieting. Exercise is more effective than dieting for permanent fat loss and strength training can raise resting metabolic rates 7 to 8 percent, or about 100 additional calories burned daily at rest. Join Wayne Westcott for a dynamic discussion of the role of strength training in muscle loss, metabolic slowdown, and fat gain. He’ll share the most effective and time-efficient strength training protocols that have demonstrated high compliance rates as well as desired physiological and psychological outcomes. He will also address the effects of a post-exercise protein/carbohydrate snack on muscle gain and fat loss.

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