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Fix the Part-Mend the Whole Course

By: Justin Price, MA

Pain-free and efficient movement in all three planes of motion requires the body to work as an integrated series of parts. If one part is dysfunctional, then the body has to compensate elsewhere to perform the desired movement. These compensations can lead to chronic pain. This session will teach you how to identify the specific part of a client's body that is the root cause of their pain. You will also learn strategies that correct the dysfunctional part to influence the whole, thereby helping your clients achieve pain-free fluid movement.

  1. Identify some of the most common structural and movement dysfunctions.
  2. Learn how to identify the real causes of pain in clients.
  3. Understand how dysfunction in one area of the body can cause pain and/or dysfunction in another.
  4. Identify which exercises to use to help address a dysfunctional part and/or imbalance in the body.
  5. Learn how to integrate the parts of the body into integrative whole body movements.
  6. Discover the “best bang for your buck” corrective exercises.
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