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YogaFit for Personal Trainers

Yoga is more popular than ever. Why? YogaFit gives you the tools to provide a total body workout that develops functional strength, cardiovascular condition, balance and flexibility. Because it involves a highly comprehensive and integrated approach, yoga enhances one’s body awareness and facilitates body mastery. Using multi-joint exercises that focus on functional strength and flexibility, yoga produces a longer, leaner and more graceful physique. Yoga helps reduce stress, tension and fatigue through its focus on mindfulness, fluid movement and deep-breathing. YogaFit emphasizes all of these things, while incorporating key principles of alignment from a foundation of exercise science. YogaFit appeals to the unique needs of the fitness club environment and members. YogaFit vinyasa yoga links postures in a fluid heat-building way. Breath is linked with movement, heating the body naturally and organically. Rest is encouraged when necessary. Transitions are smooth, moving from pose to pose with a full body workout focus; all body parts are strengthened and stretched equally. Modifications and different options are made available. Using YogaFit vinyasa yoga as a session warm-up can be a great way to facilitate coordination and body awareness, as well as incorporating variety (instead of just walking or putting them on a machine). Taking clients to the mat to transition from the weight room to a cooldown, matwork, and mindbody focus can be a great way to end a session. Trainers can use Mountain and/or Tree as a transitional balance pose to ensure the heart rate and blood pressure are sufficiently low enough to move to the mat (orthostatic hypotension). From here, poses that are lying, sitting or kneeling are great for training the core and back, while incorporating flexibility and breath into the cooldown session. Trainers and Therapists can use yoga postures as their primary training method, or just incorporate it into the beginning and/or end of their weight training or therapeutic session. Finally, and not to be underestimated, Trainers/Therapists can incorporate YogaFit’s Transformational Language® into the work with their clients to encourage and motivate clients through positive/affirmative language that incorporates awareness and process orientation. We encourage students to breathe during breaks while letting go of expectations, judgment and competition.
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