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New Insights into Chronic Pain

How can you help clients reduce chronic pain and remain active? What strategies are needed to intervene so pain doesn't become chronic? Understanding the difference between acute, chronic and sudden chronic pain allows you to better reduce healing time and risk of injury, and build strategies to keep your clients out of the chronic pain cycle. Find out more about the root causes of pain and the new science behind how to reduce and even eliminate chronic pain with Hands-Off Bodywork™.

  1. Describe what causes pain and the difference between acute, chronic and sudden chronic pain.
  2. Explain what systems of the body must be addressed to eliminate chronic pain.
  3. Describe the 3 key components in the connective tissue system required for efficient movement and how addressing these components can address stuck stress.
  4. Detail the role of the neurofascial system in day-to-day body function and efficiency.
  5. Explain the relationship between the connective tissue system and the autonomic nervous system regulators.
  6. Describe what it takes to restore the body’s healing process.
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