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Session Description Everyone wants better abs. Give them abs for “show” and for “go” while using smart programming. Learn when to follow the rules of ab training - and when to break them. Learn why you can still use crunches by using smarter versions. Discover creative new exercises to give clients the best of both worlds and achieve well-developed and well-functioning abdominals. Explore why planks are over-used and better ways to progress once the basic plank is mastered. The exercises are tied together in a complete, progressive training program to start right and finish strong for great-looking, well-performing abs. Session Type Workshop Session Category Personal Training: General Training Techniques Secondary: Personal Training: Functional Training Session Duration 1.5-2 hours depending on available equipment listed below (closer to 1.5 hours if less equipment, closer to 2 hours if more equipment is available) Also, some of the supporting material like nutrition tips can be eliminated to shorten the time required or added to lengthen the time as needed. Audio & Visual Needs Data Projector/Screen; Wireless mic Equipment Needs • BOSU® Balance Trainer / SPRI Step360 • Gliding Discs • Stability Balls and/or BOSU Ballast Ball • TRX® Suspension Trainer Additional Equipment Needs • BOSU Balance Trainer & SPRI Step360 are optional - if it's convenient to have them, great. If not, that's fine as well. The other listed equipment is essential. Learning Objectives: 1. Experience exercise progressions for stability and mobility that allow anyone to start at the right level and get progressively stronger, more capable, more visible abdominals. 2. Get a fresh take on common fitness myths and experience a full-body method for teaching planks, why time-based planks are over used, and why it’s still acceptable to use crunches. 3. Learn creative and challenging new exercises using bodyweight and stability balls, Suspension Trainers, and medicine balls (subject to availability)

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